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It's BBQ Season - Is Your Yard Ready?

Its BBQ Season - is your yard ready  http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/its-bbq-season-is-your-yard-ready  @heavenlygreensThe table is set. You’ve spent hours prepping munchies and side dishes and marinating the pork for your famous BBQ pulled pork tacos. Your place looks better than ever, especially with your new patio furniture. Even the kids and the dog are clean and presentable. You give it all a final once-over.

Uh, oh. Your yard!

You’ve gotten so used to seeing the brown spots and the sickly color of your lawn, it’s a shock to see it through a guest’s eyes. Ugh. All that grass struggling to survive. All that mowing and other maintenance, for such questionable results. Maybe you can distract people as they arrive, so they don’t notice the front yard, but no such luck in the back. That’s BBQ Central. It’s not up to party standard after all, and the season is about to get underway.

What can you do? What can you dooooooo….

You wake up. Thank heavens that was only a nightmare.

Unfortunately, as you check outside to see the new day you see your nightmare before your eyes. Your grass really does look that bad. And BBQ season really is about to get underway.

It’s time to start over, with artificial grass instead of that balky lawn.

Artificial turf is no fuss, because it’s always ready for anything. It’s up for a party at a moment’s notice. It’s up for playing with the dog or hosting every kid in the neighborhood for a rousing ball game.

What should you do to get your yard ready for BBQ season?

  • If you had your own croquet court, you could scramble a game any time. No hauling out the wickets to set up the course every time, then putting it all away afterward. A synthetic grass court is always ready for games or practice.
  • If you had your own backyard putting green, you could ditch the whiffle balls you’ve been using and invite your foursome over for some realistic putting and chipping practice – and of course a tasty post-practice BBQ – to get ready for your upcoming charity tournament. Might as well shave off some strokes. Maybe you’ll finally win this year.
  • Instead of wasting time on a hopeless lawn, you can focus on pretty flowers instead – some bright and easy-care pots to dress up your new fake grass, and your front and back yards will look inviting and BBQ-ready enough to impress even the most discerning guests. Rearrange the pots for a new look for each gathering.
  • Lay in a supply of charcoal, including mesquite or apple or other smoking chips to add extra flavor. Or make sure you have a backup propane tank on hand for the gas grill. You don’t want to run out of fuel if your BBQ crowd expands at the last minute.
  • Research fun new menu and recipe ideas.
  • Use the money you save not buying lawn care supplies to get fun new backyard BBQ supplies instead. Strings of tiny lights, tiki torches, colorful throw pillows or extra pool toys. Go big and get a new grill or, while you’re designing your new synthetic grass lawn, carve out space for an entire outdoor kitchen.
  • Take a nap. Or grab a book and a cold drink and plop yourself down in a patio chair to kick back. You’ll have time for that, thanks to not having to maintain your old lawn. You could get used to this! Let someone else man the BBQ for a change.

Is your yard kid-ready?

BBQ season is about friends and families. Whether you’re doing a family-only cookout or a hosting a block party blowout, the young ones can play safely on equipment when you’ve installed synthetic turf underneath. Learn more about artificial turf for playgrounds.

No matter how casual the function, every host or hostess wants every detail to be picture perfect. Beautiful surroundings set the tone, and there’s nothing more beautiful than perfectly green, lush artificial grass. 

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