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Different Surfaces You Can Install Artificial Grass On


Different Surfaces You Can Install Artificial Grass On http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/placing-artificial-grass-on-different-surfaces @heavenlygreensArtificial grass can be used in multiple ways. While its most common use is as lawn covering, those who choose to install artificial grass often find new and unique ways to use the remnants. Synthetic grass can be applied to a variety of surfaces creating unique décor ideas. It can be used in functional ways as well, like covering benches, creating pathways and forming boundaries around landscaped areas. Check out our list below of some of the surfaces you can place artificial grass on.



With artificial grass being designed for use as lawns, putting greens, dog runs and recreational areas, it is well suited for placement on properly prepared soil. While it may take extensive preparation to level the ground and put the drainage system in place, artificial turf works well on most soil types. Different types of artificial turf can be used in specific areas to create a unique look or for a special purpose like putting or a swing set.



Homeowners can install artificial grass on cement patios and swimming pool surrounds with ease. Artificial grass can easily cut to any shape or size and will stay in place without using excessive amounts of adhesive. Synthetic grass comes in various grades and weights that are ideal for different levels of foot traffic. A heavier, more durable type of grass will do well for areas where children and pets are more likely to spend their time.



Homeowners can easily install artificial grass over brick. If the surface is uneven in any way, a thin pad may need to be put in place first to protect the mesh fabric of the turf from irregular wear and tear. It may be harder to hold the fabric in place on a brick or paver surface, but adhesive strips can be applied that should secure it firmly to the surface. Brick walk ways can be spruced up with small sections of artificial turf added to represent stepping stones or boundary lines.



Artificial turf can be placed over wood surfaces as well. Homeowners can install artificial grass on wooden decks, patios, picnic table benches, landscape platforms, benches and plant racks. Because water can work through the mesh fabric on the bottom of the artificial turf, any wood surface that a homeowner is attempting to cover should be sealed to make it water resistant. This will prevent the wood from cracking, drying out or warping. It will also prevent mold and mildew from gaining access and growing between the two. Use a mild adhesive to maintain a waterproof barrier.



Many homeowners have found that small pieces of artificial turf can be used in creating decorative pieces for the home. Small, rectangular pieces can be used to represent a football, baseball or soccer field as a centerpiece for a coffee or end table. Small pieces can be glued to outdoor tables made of resin/plastic to create a unique outdoor atmosphere. With a small amount of adhesive, the artificial turf can be applied firmly to the surface without fear of it sliding or slipping off while it is in use. Artificial turf can be used just like any other fabric in many different craft projects. It can be used to cover the seats on stools or to cover the seats of plastic/resin lawn chairs.


Homeowners can install artificial grass on any number of surfaces. While some of the surfaces may need a small amount of preparation, artificial turf will hold up under the most stressful of circumstances. With a little time and ingenuity, synthetic grass can even be used as carpeting on basement, den and bedroom floors. Individuals who have a knack for crafts can use artificial turf in numerous ways, both inside and outside of the home. Learn more ways to design artificial turf by following the link below.

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