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Rain Storms, Mold, Mildew, and Your Artificial Grass



using umbrella out in rain storm on artificial grass

If it isn’t parching drought, it’s drenching rain. Water is a wonderful thing, no doubt about that. But when it rains so hard water cannot drain fast enough, it builds up on your lawn. It’s an ideal environment for slimy mold and mildew to grow and thrive. This happens with natural grass, and it can happen with many types of lower quality artificial grass, too.

Mold and mildew are ugly, smelly, and unhealthy for humans and pets. You work hard to keep your home fresh and clean. You certainly don’t want noxious growths in your lawn. And if you don’t do something about the problem, it will only get worse. Thankfully, there is a solution. 



Your lawn isn’t the only problem area

Artificial turf is now widely used for everything from commercial landscapes and athletic fields to children’s play areas, dog parks, and at-home amenities such as bocce courts, putting greens, and pool surrounds.

Fake grass is a big winner for patios, balconies, and decks, too. You can replace that hot, unforgiving surface with something prettier, cooler, and barefoot-friendly. But should you worry about mold and mildew accumulating between the artificial turf and the hard surface underneath?

Every one of these areas is potentially at risk of developing bacterial growth if water doesn’t drain away quickly. Especially if they’re in the shade. If you have a dog, inadequate artificial turf drainage can also trap urine – something else that’s smelly, not to mention undesirable in other ways.

You may have to join the War on Mold

Many brands of synthetic turf claim to drain water, but in reality the water doesn’t flow away fast enough to avoid mildew or mold growth. That means you’ll have to invest in some mold removal product formulated for use on fake grass, and you’ll have to invest your time in an ongoing war on mold. Yuk.

What’s wrong with this picture? One big reason you switched to artificial grass in the first place was to get rid of ongoing lawn maintenance. Surely you didn’t intend to merely replace that time-consuming, no-fun, costly maintenance regimen with another one?

Heavenly Greens turf really does drain water

You can, indeed, have virtually care-free grassy areas without being consumed with worry about smelly, ugly, potentially harmful bacteria. That’s because Heavenly Greens artificial turf products are the highest quality, designed to be extremely porous. And we install every project to ensure superior drainage. Instead of trapping rain water, etc., fluids drain away quickly. Your grass dries quickly, too, so it’s ready to enjoy again sooner.

For dog owners, and other installations where drainage is most critical, we install Heavenly Greens turf with our Maxx-Flow system. This drains better than natural grass, not to mention other competing brands of artificial grass.

Of course, even our top-quality grass requires a little touch-up now and then. Your dog does his thing? Or someone spills their barbeque plate or a beverage? A quick pick-up, if needed, and a rinse is all you need. Those pesky leaves fall onto your grass? A quick sweep with a leaf blower and you’re done. You can even use a stiff natural-bristle broom to “brush up” your grass in particularly high-traffic areas.

But thanks to our turf’s ability to maximize drainage, you’ll probably never see mold or mildew. In the rare circumstance that this does occur (typically from something that hasn’t been rinsed away), clean-up is fast and easy using vinegar or a common household product.

No tedious chores. No health concerns for your pets and family. No wonder our fake grass is called Heavenly Greens.

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