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Sell Your Home: How Artificial Turf Improves Property Values


How-AT-Improves-Property-Values-Blog.jpgAn artificial turf lawn brings you a multitude of benefits, day in and day out. But did you know that switching to artificial turf can improve your property’s value? That means you’ll benefit even after you sell your home someday.



Curb appeal

What makes a prospective buyer want to take a closer look at any home on the market? Their first impression of it. Even the most striking home becomes a strikeout if it’s fronted by tired, ratty grass. Pretty flowers and shade trees cannot disguise a lousy lawn. And a fixer-upper yard is a big turn-off for most home shoppers.


Artificial turf is always lovely and appealing. It’s lush and green, no matter the weather. Surely the interior looks this great, too. Here at Heavenly Greens, we hear from past customers that their beautiful faux lawn clinched the deal on selling their home.


Resale value

Real estate professionals will quickly tell you that quality landscaping can increase your home’s sales price, too. In fact, research conducted by Virginia Tech horticulturist Alex Niemiera showed landscaping boosted home value nearly 13%.


Artificial grass pays for itself

Yes, it can be expensive to switch to artificial grass. But the superior quality products we offer here at Heavenly Greens can last as long or 10 or 20 years. Plus, it comes with a top quality warranty. So you’re amortizing the cost over a decade or two. Not only that, once you make the switch, you eliminate numerous other expenses. All too often we forget about the true hidden costs of natural grass.


For example, you can stop paying for upkeep of a mower and other equipment, not to mention all those chemicals that supposedly improve your lawn. You can also stop spending your weekends on mowing, trimming, spreading those chemicals, reseeding, and making other repairs. Then, of course, there’s the water savings. All of us here in the Bay Area are experts at water conservation, and it’s easy to understand that artificial turf is your first line of defense.


What prospective buyer wouldn’t swoon with joy to learn that, thanks to your fake grass, they can also say goodbye to lawn maintenance and all the headaches that go with it? Yes!


Benefits you can use today

When you install fake grass, you’re not only investing in your future property value, you’re investing in your “right now.” While it’s heartening to know your property will have greater value when you sell, you still live there. Frankly, the sooner you replace your natural grass lawn with synthetic turf, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards yourself.


You’ll have prettier surroundings, every time you look out the window, spend time in your yard, or pull into your driveway. Faux grass is perfect for patios, pool surrounds, balconies, walkways, even play areas for kids and dogs.

You’ll have more time to yourself, to do something you like to do instead of dealing with the lawn. For instance, are you an avid golfer? By installing a backyard putting green, you could save time and money practice at home rather than heading to the club or driving range.


You’ll have a home that makes you truly proud. And you can take extra pride in knowing that your artificial turf is environmentally-friendly.


Learn more by downloading our guide Top Benefits of Artificial Turf. Or, for a quick snapshot, the infographic below reveals many facts about what artificial grass can do for you.



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