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Artificial Turf Infill Options: Learn About Shell-Tech


Artificial Turf Infill Options: Learn About Shell-Tech  http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/shell-tech-artificial-turf-infill @heavenlygreensShell Tech is a 100% natural infill product that is manufactured using the hulls of black and English walnuts. The shells are crushed and rolled to remove any sharp or rough edges. The shell-based infill is durable and can easily withstand extreme temperatures and climate changes. The materials used to make Shell Tech infill are grown in the United States. Shell Tech infill is hypoallergenic and produces no dust. The artificial turf infill will remain dry and will not harbor odors or bacteria.


Temperature Control

The walnut shells used to create Shell Tech infill do not hold heat and are resistant to cold temperatures. Other types of artificial turf like silica sand mixtures and crumb rubber tend to hold heat and can raise the surface temperature of a lawn dramatically. With Shell Tech infill, the asymmetrical shapes of the granules prevent the infill from becoming compacted and holding heat. The granules remain cool to the touch, no matter what the season and do not require any type of rinsing, raking or brushing to maintain a moderate temperature.



Shell Tech is made from 100% natural, organic materials. Black walnut and English walnut shells are used to create the infill. All of the materials used to manufacture the infill are grown in the United States and pass all of the federal requirements to be labeled an “organic” or natural material. The walnut shells are collected, processed, treated, and crushed to produce one of the most reliable infill materials available.


Safe for Pets and Children

One of the most beneficial aspects of Shell Tech infill is that it is safe for pets and children. Because it is all natural, it is environmentally friendly and will not have any type of negative impact on the environment. The walnut shells are extremely durable and take decades to start to wear down. The granules resist wear and tear and will maintain their shape for the lifetime of the artificial turf and beyond. Walnut shells will not leach toxic chemicals because they are an organic material. They do not hold moisture, nor does the infill allow for ponding in low areas. This means a reduced risk of bacteria growth and odor.


Low Maintenance

Artificial turf infill is extremely low maintenance. Shell Tech infill maintains that level of care. The shells are extremely hard and do not absorb or collect moisture. The odd shapes of the granules do not allow it to be pressed or compacted which eliminates the need for raking or brushing. While the small shell pieces do not absorb odors, rinsing areas in which pets frequently relieve themselves will help to knock down any excessive odors that might develop. The shell material will not blow away with heavy winds or be carried away by a pet's fur or a child's clothing. It will not have to be replenished over time, unless you make the choice to replace or replenish on your own.


The artificial turf infill you choose will depend on what type of end result you are looking for. Crumb rubber and silica make work well for certain areas, but when being used around the home, most homeowners want a product that is guaranteed to be environmentally sound. Shell Tech offers the guarantee of an all natural product that is biodegradable (over several decades) and will not harm their pets or their children. The manufacturers of Shell Tech are proud of the fact the shells used in their product are grown and harvested right here in the United States. The resulting infill offers a multitude of benefits that enable it to be used in almost any type of climate and for almost any purpose.

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