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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Yard


Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Yard http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/spring-cleaning-tips-for-yard @heavenlygreens

Well, we made it through another winter and the colorful signs of spring are all around us. You know that that means – it’s the season for a little spring cleaning. Not only inside your house, but outside in your yard as well. You don’t want to miss out on even one deliciously warm opportunity to start enjoying your backyard, so let’s get busy.

First, tackle the true clean-up work. Rake or pick up remaining tatters of fallen leaves and other debris. But do it gently, so you don’t injure those early flowering bulbs or returning perennials starting to peek out of the ground. This is a good time to take note of spots where you can plant even more bulbs to enhance next spring’s show. Or where you’ll want to tuck in some pretty annuals to augment the perennial displays.

It’s also time to note that weeds are emerging along with plants you actually want. You can always count on weeding to add another layer of excitement to your outdoor spring clean-up. Be diligent about that now, though, and you’ll have fewer weed problems later in the summer. Spring cleaning your yard isn’t the most fun you’ll have all season, but it does come with rewards. For one thing, it’s almost-instant gratification.

What’s not so rewarding? “Dusting off” your lawn care equipment and supplies in preparation for yet another mind- and body-numbing season of mowing, edging, raking, fertilizing, bug killing, weed killing, and watering. And it’s not just one season. Oh, no. That natural grass lawn needs care almost year round. Jeesh! It has to be done, but where’s the joy?

Artificial grass is a joy to behold

Ditching that au naturel grass and replacing it with faux could be the “cleanest” thing you do this spring. It will bring beauty and joy to your landscape and outdoor living spaces with nary a care. Well, almost. Even fake grass needs the occasional spring cleaning, but you can usually do that with a leaf blower and a hose rinse.

Artificial grass is literally cleaner. No matter how much fun your kids and dog have romping on it, the turf won’t wear thin or develop holes that turn into mud. There’s nothing to mow, so there are no clippings to track indoors. And if Fido does his thing on the grass, as dogs are known to do, that kind of clean-up takes seconds. Your grass remains romp-ready and looking lovely, even as you’re reclining in the shade or by the pool.

You can look forward to next spring, rejoicing in the fact that you’ll have less yard cleaning to do. And that means more outdoor living.

But wait, there’s more

With essential spring cleaning tasks out of the way – and that smart decision to replace your needy lawn with artificial grass – you can turn your attention to other yard-brightening ideas. We’re all about fake grass here at Heavenly Greens, so we are especially joyous to report that among our numerous types of synthetic turf products there are options to make every corner of your outdoor space better looking and more fun. You might consider:

You can do almost anything with artificial grass, and checking out our gallery of Heavenly Greens residential installations will inspire you with ideas. Get started this spring, and you can be enjoying your new lawn and any number of other yard improvements before you know it.

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