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Artificial Turf Articles

What Should I Do if My Artificial Grass is Old

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 February

You’ve loved your artificial turf lawn for years, but nothing lives forever, not even fake grass. It can last 10-15 years or more, but eventually even time can take its toll:

  • Infinitesimal fading finally becomes noticeable
  • Seams begin to fray and separate
  • Mold or smelly bacteria have built up, especially in pet-popular spots
  • Highest traffic areas look tired and don’t rebound as well with brushing
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3 Unique Ways To Designing Your Yard With Artificial Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 February


Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning to enjoy your favorite beverage outside in your own lush backyard. Now see yourself relaxing and enjoying time with the family without worrying about pests, mowing, or constant watering. Sound too much like a fantasy? Actually, this could become your reality with artificial turf, which isn't just for sports fields anymore. In fact, more and more homeowners are opting to have artificial grass installed when designing their lawns.

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Topics: Unique Artificial Turf Design and Uses, Beautiful Lawns

What is The Size of Synthetic Turf's Carbon Footprint?

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 May

When you’re gazing out over your beautiful lawn, whether it’s natural or synthetic, you’d like to think you’re being environmentally responsible, right? Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing a lawn, there are pros and cons to both natural and artificial grasses (and the online debate rages on).

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Topics: artificial turf, Environmentally Friendly, Beautiful Lawns

Contact the Artificial Landscaping Experts for Beautiful Lawns

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 November

Are you considering installing synthetic grass at your home or business? Don’t worry with other companies. Contact the experts on artificial turf installation – Heavenly Greens.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Fake Grass, Heavenly Greens, Landscaping Experts, Beautiful Lawns

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