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Artificial Turf Articles

Outdoor Artificial Grass: Tips for Cleaning Stains and Spills

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 November

How to Clean Common Spills and Stains Off Outdoor Artificial Grass

More homeowners are flocking to outdoor artificial grass because it barely needs any maintenance versus natural grass.

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Topics: artificial residential turf, lawn care

How Long Will Artificial Grass Last?

Posted by Troy Scott on 08 October

Face it – we live in a disposable society. Fortunately, more people are recycling what they can’t repurpose or give away. But, the fact remains that most of the goods we buy are not built to last. One of the rare exceptions is artificial grass and that’s one of many reasons why it’s a wise investment.

 Naturally, not all artificial grass is the same and like everything else, you get what you pay for. But if you go with the highest quality, you can expect to be on your third or fourth car and have watched your kids graduate high school, college, and danced at their weddings before your faux turf needs replacing.

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Topics: Artificial Grass Benefits, artificial grass, Artificial Turf Grass, maintenance, lawn care

10 Tips For Fall Cleanup on Your Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 07 October

Spring and fall are our traditional cleanup seasons. Now that it’s fall, it’s time to prepare your yard so it can hunker down for the winter. With that in mind, here are some tips for your artificial grass. Since you don’t have natural grass any more (and aren’t you glad about that?!), you won’t have to do all that stuff you used to do to winterize your grass:

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Topics: artificial grass, Artificial Turf Grass, maintenance, lawn care

How to Fire-Proof Your Yards

Posted by Troy Scott on 12 September

Unless you replace your entire yard with concrete, or rocks, it will never be fire-proof. Thankfully, however, there are steps you can take to make your yard far more fire-resistant than it probably is right now. And you can do that without sacrificing even one degree of beauty or functionality.

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Topics: environmental benefits, Artificial Turf Grass, Home Lawn, Drought, lawn care

How to Design with Artificial Grass for Children’s Play Areas

Posted by Troy Scott on 07 June


Why use artificial grass for your children’s play area? Because it’s superior in every way to other types of surfaces – wood chips, mulch, pea gravel, rubbery tiles, and especially natural grass. Surprised? Don’t be. There are good reasons why artificial grass is the surface of choice for schools, municipalities, and apartment complex managers as well as homeowners with kids.

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Topics: artificial grass, Backyard Fun, Artificial Turf Grass, lawn care

7 Steps to Get Ready for a Safe BBQ Season on Your Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 06 June


One of the many benefits of living in the bay Area is our lengthy BBQ season. In fact, we all know someone who grills outdoors year round. Maybe that’s you! Even so, warm weather brings out the grillmaster in all of us. Are you ready?

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Topics: artificial grass, Backyard Fun, Artificial Turf Grass, lawn care

6 Natural Ways to Manage Insects in Your Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 24 May


Having a lawn can make your entire landscape look prettier and beautifully coordinated. But most of us consider our lawn a play area as well. When insects invade our grassy space, they can ravage the aesthetic value of our lawn and turn outdoor living into a truly unpleasant experience.

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Topics: artificial grass, Beautiful Lawn, Natural Lawn, lawn care

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