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How Long Will Artificial Grass Last?


Face it – we live in a disposable society. Fortunately, more people are recycling what they can’t repurpose or give away. But, the fact remains that most of the goods we buy are not built to last. One of the rare exceptions is artificial grass and that’s one of many reasons why it’s a wise investment.

 Naturally, not all artificial grass is the same and like everything else, you get what you pay for. But if you go with the highest quality, you can expect to be on your third or fourth car and have watched your kids graduate high school, college, and danced at their weddings before your faux turf needs replacing.

Why is it so durable?

Thanks to technology, synthetic grass has evolved over the years to look and feel completely natural. Even better, it stands the test of time and holds up like a champ under heavy foot traffic. How can it feel so plush under your bare feet, yet be so strong? It’s because the blades in artificial grass are made from materials that don’t wilt under pressure – or heat from the sun.

 The types of faux grass you can choose from have blades made of nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, or sometimes a combination of the three. Faux grass is assembled by anchoring the blades to a mesh backing that facilitates fast draining. Between the blades is “infill” made from a combination of natural sand, silica or sometimes crumb rubber. This mixture gives the blades further stability. It’s also an unsung hero.

You don’t really notice the infill, but without it, your faux grass wouldn’t look as natural. The infill plays an important role in the longevity of your synthetic grass by providing depth and adding ballast. It protects the blades from UV rays that otherwise could damage and shorten their lifespan.

It’s the Best Value

You’ve invested in your home for the long-term. That should include the landscaping or any of the many ways you can use synthetic grass. The products we carry at Heavenly Greens are built to last. In fact, our Field Turf products are the artificial grass of choice for the NFL. If our faux grass can stand up to the stress of 300-pound linemen year after year, you know it can take whatever your frolicking kids and pets can dish out!

How long will it last? You can expect the best quality artificial grass to look and feel as good as it did brand new for 20 to25 years – all the while increasing the value of your home.

Like with any other major purchase, your artificial turf should include a warranty. But warranties are not standard and it’s important that you understand the terms. How long is your warranty good for? What does it cover? Say for instance a hot chunk of charcoal falls from your grill onto your faux grass, damaging some blades. Will your warranty cover the repair?

That’s why Heavenly Greens offers the best warranty in the business. Our protection plan ranges 8-15 years and includes problems such as discoloration, fading, issues with materials, and workmanship. If you ever have a problem or a question, our customer-friendly service department is ready to help.

Now, even the best artificial grass won’t last if it’s poorly installed. That’s why Heavenly Greens has experienced professionals who know how to do your custom installation correctly the first time.

Tread Lightly, or Play Hard?

Even in peak shape, natural grass, while it may look and feel nice, will not stand up to heavy traffic. Once crushed underfoot, those blades will not spring back. They are, after all, tiny, fragile plants. They may grow back. Eventually. Or, patches or even large swaths of living grass lawn and yard will have to be replaced or re-seeded. Contrast that with faux turf, which can handle heavy use all day long. At most, a quick rinse and a little sweeping is all that’s needed to remove dust and dirt and “revive” any blades that may have flattened.

Our Maintenance Guide tells you all you need to know about how to easily care for your synthetic grass and ensure its peak lifespan. You also might want to ask about our regular maintenance program that operates as a subscription service.

So, it can be the same lawn care rituals and expense year after year, or the ease and benefits of worry and labor-free artificial turf for decades to come. Which sounds like the best value for you?

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