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What Thickness is the Best When Buying Artificial Grass?


Whatever your desires when it comes to landscaping aesthetics, outdoor living functionality, or strictly fun and games, there’s an artificial grass for that. But how thick should it be? That depends on how you plan to use it.

At Heavenly Greens, we offer dozens of different styles of artificial turf. Products come with different blade heights, shapes and density, to produce a variety of looks and textures suited to different purposes. For example, we offer multiple varieties of putting green turf. This grass is exceptional for practicing your golf strokes, but you certainly wouldn’t want to use that turf to replace your front lawn. Or vice versa. Nor would you want to play football on the same turf we use for bocce ball courts.

Our artificial grass even comes in different colors, because all grass is not the same shade of green. (For that matter, our bocce turf also comes in “court” colors.) It’s almost mind-boggling, we know, but our team of artificial grass experts stand ready to help you sort out all the details, including the thickness that’s right for you.

Consult your dog

Fido has his own opinions when it comes to artificial grass texture. After all, he loves to roll and romp on the grass more than anyone. He’ll probably tell you thicker is better. But he will also remind you that he uses the grass for more than play. As his human, you’ll want to take a look at our Heavenly Greens MaxxFlow backing option. All our artificial grass drains quickly and completely, but MaxxFlow is even better – designed with dogs in mind.

And, by the way, cats love artificial grass, too, though your kitty might prefer a shorter, easily walkable type of turf for her outdoor play area.

Protect your kids

Thickness isn’t always about visual appearance or wiggling your toes. Every parent worries about their kids tripping or falling while playing in the yard. If that’s you, our Heavenly Greens artificial grass with FallSoft technology will bring peace of mind as well as beauty to your kids’ play space. This system is safer for children, protecting them from falls as high as 5 feet.

Thickness is one thing, but toughness is something else

What if you’re choosing artificial grass for sports fields rather than your home or commercial property? This turf needs to look lush and welcoming, but most importantly it has to hold up under rigorous, grinding, unrelenting usage. Durability under duress, you might say. Natural grass fails quickly under these conditions, developing divots, mud, and bare spots that interfere with play and make the field unsafe.

Heavenly Greens FieldTurf does not. It performs like the pro that it is, season after season, no matter the weather. It’s not even slippery when it gets wet, like natural grass. And, yes, it retains its thick, lush beauty over time as well.

What if you’re “planting” grass on your balcony or rooftop?

Yes, artificial grass grows at elevation just as easily as it does on the ground, so you can enjoy the visual and functional benefits of grass without the fear of undue weight or maintenance issues. Once again, answering the thickness question will depend on how you plan to use the grass – a rooftop garden could include both a mini-lawn and a putting green.

As important as it is to choose the right thickness for your artificial grass, other factors such as product quality, warranty details, and price all matter. The key to choosing the right product is to take a holistic approach. The easiest way to do that is to visit our showroom in San Jose. Bring your questions – and your fingers so you can feel the different textures of our artificial grass.

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