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Increase Sports Playability with Heavenly Greens' Synthetic Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 04 February

Natural sports fields are not dependable. They are easily affected by rainy weather and cannot handle constant running and sliding of football, soccer, lacrosse, or rubgy cleats every day.

But there is an alternative – FieldTurf from Heavenly Greens. Artificial turf fields are durable. They can withstand the running, tackling, cutting and all the wear and tear that is the result of hard play. Whether its 18-year-old football players, your 4-year-old’s first soccer scrimmage, or you and your friends playing pick-up, synthetic grass is tough enough to handle just about anything. The running and sliding will not create holes, divots, brown or dead spots or bare areas on the field.

Plus, Heavenly Greens synthetic turf grass can withstand the weather. Rain does not automatically create standing water on artificial grass because Heavenly Greens has superior drainage capabilities. It also has a rubber infill, so there’s no soil, creating no mud to cause a nasty mess. One muddy game can ruin a field for weeks to come, but synthetic turf grass prevents it. And with the power to hold up in weather, fewer games are cancelled due to messy fields.

Heavenly Greens synthetic turf also is:

  • Safe,
  • Comfortable, soft and plush to the touch,
  • Easy to maintain,
  • Cost efficient,
  • Green and environment friendly, and
  • Healthy looking.

Don’t wait for your child’s next cancelled game or muddy mess – suggest Heavenly Greens landscape solutions to your local city park officials so everyone wins. Call today for a quote on artificial grass installation at your local park or sports complex.


You, your architect or general contractor can get all the specifications and material lists that you need to completely specify your project. 

Click to learn how your field can be customized with your team's logo, free!

For more information please call 888-254-5503 or Request a Quote today!

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