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Reduce Injury - Install Artificial Grass

Reduce-Injury-Install-Artificial-Grass-BlogNatural grass at your city soccer field, middle school football field or even in your backyard, can provide endless fun for kids. But kids get injured playing sports. Parents, coaches, and field owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce the risk of injury. We look to rule changes and new technology that can make equipment safer. However, installing artificial grass can make an even bigger difference.

That’s right, artificial grass is safer than natural grass when it comes to field play. And you thought everyone was switching to synthetic turf simply because it’s always in peak condition yet virtually maintenance free!

Here at Heavenly Greens, we carry a wide variety of top-quality synthetic grass products such as FieldTurf that solve any number of landscaping challenges at public parks, schools, commercial properties, apartments complexes and condos as well as homes. One of the most important benefits is that our artificial grass can help prevent many injuries common to kids at play.

Preventing Trips and Falls

With artificial turf grass and the right infill material, you get a durable, stable, predictable playing field. Rough, frequent play, cleats and weather do not affect the surface, so you do not have to worry about dips or holes developing over time. With a reliably uniform, smooth surface, there is far less risk that players will trip or fall.

Our artificial grass installations also provide superior drainage compared to natural grass. Rain does not puddle up to create soggy areas, pools, or deep mud. Instead, whether it drizzles or pours, moisture drains away quickly and efficiently. And artificial grass dries quickly. Even when it’s still wet it is not slippery. Kids can play soccer on drizzly days without all the slipping and sliding that can lead to injuries. They’ll come home cleaner, too. Moms everywhere appreciate that.

Artificial Grass is Safer in Other Ways, Too

Synthetic turf isn’t only better for sports fields. Your kids can enjoy the same durable, even playing surface in your own backyard. Fake grass formulated for residential lawns provides the same benefits when it comes to preventing trips, slips, falls and muddy mess. But it offers even more benefits for kids and pets.

  • There are no toxic ingredients used in the manufacturing process.
  • It is allergen-free, especially nice for pollen sufferers.
  • It never needs application of dangerous chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.
  • It’s always soft and plush to the touch, just like real grass!
  • It’s always uniformly green and healthy-looking, far better than real grass!
  • It requires almost no maintenance or the expenses that come with lawn care.

Natural grass is a liability, in more ways than one. No one wants that! On the other hand artificial grass from Heavenly Greens is an investment that pays for itself – in peace of mind and in real dollars. The longer you wait to make the switch, the greater the risk that more kids will get hurt on your natural grass.

So why not call Heavenly Greens right now, for a quote on artificial turf grass installation. You can worry less about injuries and enjoy the game instead, whether it’s the tournament championship or a pick-up game with friends.

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