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What Are the Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf on Your Roof or Deck?

Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf On Your Roof Or DeckArtificial turf is so versatile, you can “fake it” with lawn grass in many places most people wouldn't even think about. Balconies and rooftops, for example. Or large decks and patios. Artificial grass doesn’t have any soil or lawn care requirements of natural grass, so you can put it virtually anywhere, even several stories above ground. You get the visual and functional benefits of natural lawn, minus the expense and hassle.

Installing artificial turf is a smart investment, too. Top quality fake grass is as durable as it is versatile, lasting for many years and virtually paying for itself over time. It is a weather-proof, low-maintenance upgrade proven to add resale value to residential properties. And what buyer wouldn’t love the added amenities of a grassy rooftop terrace or the inviting look of a deck “floored” with artificial grass!

Unique Look

Artificial grass transforms an unusable rooftop or boring deck into a unique space that adds charm as well as functionality. You can add green space in places where grass won’t grow. In urban areas where grass is in notoriously short supply, you can escape the concrete jungle and retreat to your own private parklike setting.

You can even create a unique shape for your grass. We can cut it to fit any deck, patio, or roof, to create a full lawn effect or just part of the area.

Safer Surface

Wooden or concrete decks and patios that are near your pool can get dangerously slippery when wet. Covering these areas with artificial turf alleviates that hazard because fake grass is not slippery when it gets wet. It also drains away moisture super-fast, keeping the surface soft and barefoot-friendly. And, grass is simply prettier.

Extra Insulation

Artificial grass also adds several layers of insulation, depending on how much padding and infill is used – without all the extra weight and dampness associated with a natural grass rooftop. Tar paper and rubber sealant that are used to cover many flat or slightly-sloped roofs can get extremely hot in the summer when exposed to direct sunlight. Installing artificial turf on top helps prevent heat from build-up. That keeps attic space cooler, which helps keep your home cooler.

In winter, the reverse is true. The extra insulation provided by your fake grass helps keep expensive heat in.

Reduced Roof Maintenance

Installed on a flat or slightly-sloped roof, artificial turf can also help reduce maintenance costs. Because artificial turf is permeable and drains very efficiently, there is never any standing water to damage or degrade your roof. It also protects roofs from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which degrades roofing materials over time. Instead of spending time and money worrying about roof repairs, you can enjoy that space!

How You Use that Space Is Up to You

The bottom line is that artificial grass is ideal for high-level installations as well as ground-level lawns and walkways. It is extremely durable, works well where other materials are unsuitable, it’s easy to maintain, and will look continue to look beautiful, no matter the weather, for years to come.

It adds a touch of green in unexpected places, and increases your home’s livability. With a little imagination, you can transform your flat roof, balcony or deck into relaxing space where you can slip away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of being outdoors.

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