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Creative Ways To Use Artificial Turf On Your Roof, Porch Or Balcony


Creative Ways To Use Artificial Turf On Your Roof, Porch Or Balcony http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/creative-ways-to-use-artificial-turf-on-roof-porch-balcony @heavenlygreensBy now, thanks to the rapidly growing popularity of artificial turf here in the South Bay Area, we all understand that quality fake grass is an outstanding alternative to natural grass. It’s reliably gorgeous to look at, and it feels lush and fluffy underfoot. It’s the perfect lawn, whether your goal is purely aesthetic or active play.


However, here at Heavenly Greens we still talk to people who haven’t discovered the benefits of using artificial turf as the pretty, practical underfoot surface for non-lawn areas. Your flat rooftop, for instance. Or your porch or balcony. The simple reality is that you can “go green” with faux grass on any surface – ground level or not. After all, synthetic grass doesn’t require soil or water to grow. Or even sunlight.


With that in mind, you can finally get creative with those other surfaces. So what can you do with artificial turf on your roof, porch or balcony?


Let’s start with your rooftop

Anything you can do on your rooftop also works for your balcony or porch – simply on a smaller scale. So if you have a traditional pitched roof, or you live in an apartment or condo with only a small outdoor space, there’s no reason to feel left out when it comes to faux grass opportunities. And one more thing: businesses can also create grassy rooftop “living” areas that employees or visitors will love.  


The obvious plan for your rooftop might be a garden. You can create a daytime getaway – a quiet place for contemplation, creative thinking, practicing your yoga, or taking a break while your little one is napping. At night, use your space for stargazing. How many constellations can you identify?


Comfy as artificial grass can be, you’ll want some more “official” seating. That could be anything from a hammock to piles of plump pillows to an entire ensemble of traditional outdoor furniture. Don’t forget the umbrellas or colorful sails to provide shade!


If you’re a business, upgrade your employee lunchroom with a rooftop picnic area.


And why not get playful, by installing a mini-putting green or bocce court on your roof? Whatever design elements you choose, fake grass can transform boring or unused space, even the tiniest balcony, into a place that’s practical, inviting, and has your personality written all over it.


Beyond the grass

We like to say that Heavenly Greens artificial grass comes in 50 shades of green. (Not really, but the choices in textures and shades will amaze you.) Nonetheless, your roof or balcony will be even more welcoming if you add more colors and textures. We recommend potted plants, even small trees.


This article explains how to create clever container gardens using veggies. And this one is filled with tasty tips for a patio herb garden. Fall might be in the air, but you can have stunning containers well into winter.


Or have some fun with faux plants, instead. Artificial turf is ideal for creating topiaries of trees, animals, whatever your imagination can see. Best of all, you’ll never have to get out your manicure scissors to train or trim those fancy “plantings.” They won’t even require water.


Feeling inspired?

We thought you would be. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call. We’ll help you choose the best artificial turf for your project and make plans to get that project completed as soon as possible. Now that you’re excited about the possibilities for your roof, porch or balcony, we know you don’t want to wait. 

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