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How to Choose Your Artificial Grass Contractor



Deciding to make the switch to artificial grass is a great leap forward for the aesthetics and functionality of your property. But there are other decisions to make. The two most obvious – and most critical – questions are which grass product to install and who will do that work.

Choosing the best turf for your specific project is easy, no matter how you plan to use the grass. You can simply visit our Heavenly Greens showroom in San Jose or give us a call to request a home visit from one of our synthetic turf experts. We’ll help you select exactly the right style of artificial grass from among our “50 shades of green.” Whichever you pick, you can be confident you’re getting a superior product.

But what about a contractor to install that grass? Should you choose Heavenly Greens to do that, too?

Save your DIY prowess for some other project

It is possible to install artificial grass yourself. However, we don’t recommend it, and that’s not because we merely want to sell you a service. Installing synthetic turf is a complex process that has to be custom-tailored to every jobsite to achieve maximum performance and durability. There are many types of fake grass, designed for different purposes, and installing any of them properly starts well below ground level. The work requires specialized tools few homeowners have on hand, so you’d have to rent them.

What’s the point? If you let the pros handle this job, you’ll have time to tackle the next project on your to-do list. (Or to start designing the backyard putting green you’ve always wanted. Just a thought. We can help with turf and installation for that, too.)

Protect your investment!

There are two types of warranties that pertain to artificial grass. There’s the warranty provided by the company that manufactures the artificial grass, which protects you against defects in materials and/or workmanship. Then there’s the warranty provided by your installer, which protects you against problems attributable to the installation process itself. You need both to be fully protected.

But, just as companies that make cheap artificial grass have lower-quality warranties, companies that install artificial grass offer varying qualities of post-sale support. Or perhaps none at all. It is critical to ask about the details – what the warranty covers as well as the claims process – before choosing an installer. Ask who will be doing your install work – how well-trained and experienced are they with your kind of project?

And one more thing: be sure to specifically ask any installation contractor you’re considering if they are certified or otherwise officially approved by the manufacturer of your artificial grass. If not, your warranty may be voided. This is the manufacturer’s way of underscoring the importance of proper installation. (It could also apply to DIY installation.)

Conduct independent research

Asking questions is good, and any reputable contractor should welcome your questions and be willing to answer them fully. But there are other steps you can take to vet installation contractors. For example:

  • Find out how long they’ve been in business. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see what their reputation rating is.
  • Talk with neighbors, friends or co-workers to get referrals – artificial grass installers they have used and loved or, conversely, any bad experiences they may have had. Knowing who to avoid is as useful as knowing who you can trust.
  • Read online reviews and ratings of the company, and look for past customer testimonials on their website.

Make it easy on yourself: choose a single-source provider

At Heavenly Greens, our installation crews work for us. So when they work for you, there is no question about their competence or dedication to making things just-right. Whether your installation is relatively simple or presents significant challenges, they have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to produce superior results. Just what you had in mind. And just what you need to assure long-lasting, superior performance from your artificial grass investment. 

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