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Artificial Turf Articles

How to Choose an Artificial Grass Installer

Posted by Troy Scott on 21 June

Artificial turf is a long term investment. But no matter how durable the product is, its ability to hold up well over time depends on the skill of the crew installing it. As a homeowner, you want to make sure the artificial grass installer you choose is both reputable and knowledgeable. That will ensure that the grass you selected will perform as beautifully and as long as you expect.

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Topics: Synthetic Grass Installation, artificial turf installation, Install Artificial Turf

Grass Installation: Quick Fix For A Lawn That Won’t Grow Luscious Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 18 December

Homeoners who have difficulty growing a luscious, thick carpet of grass can spend thousands of dollars trying to uncover the reason for the dismal condition of their lawn. Many begin by trying various types of fertilizers and landscaping techniques like thatching and mulching. When these techniques don't work, many consult a professional landscaper to help uncover the cause.

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Topics: artificial turf installation

Synthetic Lawns: Low Maintenance, High Reward

Posted by Troy Scott on 16 September

Lawn maintenance can be one of the most time-consuming things you do outside of work. And with so many ways you can spend your time, why would you want to settle for maintaining a yard 10 hours per week on top of a hectic work schedule?

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, artificial grass, artificial turf installation

Backyard Putting Greens Can Easily Be Yours

Posted by Troy Scott on 26 June

Golf courses are crowded this time of year, and when all you want is to enjoy a quiet morning on the greens, this can be more than discouraging. You can have putting greens right at your fingertips with artificial turf installation at your home just by calling the professionals at Heavenly Greens.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Commercial Synthetic Turf, artificial turf installation, Artificial Turf Greens

Leave it to the Professionals for Artificial Turf Installation

Posted by Troy Scott on 28 November

Heavenly Greens offers landscaping solutions that are affordable and dependable. With Heavenly Greens artificial grass, your home or business’s lawn will be:

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, artificial turf installation, landscaping solutions, synthetic landscaping companies

Save Water – Install Heavenly Greens Turf

Posted by Troy Scott on 12 October

USA TODAY recently reported that over the last 12 years, water rates have increased tremendously in the United States. In some areas, it’s doubled or even tripled. In fact, in San Francisco, water costs have risen aabout 211 percent during these 12 years, according to this USA TODAY article.

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Topics: artificial turf installation, Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Install Your Artificial Turf Now, Recycle It Later

Posted by Troy Scott on 29 September

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, FieldTurf, artificial turf installation

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