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Artificial Turf Articles

6 Natural Ways to Manage Insects in Your Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 24 May


Having a lawn can make your entire landscape look prettier and beautifully coordinated. But most of us consider our lawn a play area as well. When insects invade our grassy space, they can ravage the aesthetic value of our lawn and turn outdoor living into a truly unpleasant experience.

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Topics: artificial grass, Beautiful Lawn, Natural Lawn, lawn care

The Downfalls Of A Natural Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 December


Natural lawns are quickly becoming a thing of the past. While they look their best when conditions are perfect, things can change dramatically in a very short period of time. Homeowners have started weighing their options and many are choosing other alternatives to resurface their lawns. From artificial turf to sod lawns to low-growing ground covers, homeowners have many options to choose from. Those who choose artificial turf are making a huge investment in their property, both in value and long-term maintenance costs.

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Topics: artificial turf, Natural Lawn

What Are The Costs Associated With A Natural Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 15 December


Homeowners are always looking for the best value possible. When making the decision to install artificial turf or keep their natural grass lawn, the final factor that allows them to make a wise choice is the cost. What does a natural grass lawn cost compared to the convenience and investment of artificial turf? In many cases, it isn't just the financial cost that will eventually sway a homeowner into choosing artificial turf. It also boils down to both the time and the impact that a natural grass lawn has on the environment that nudges them to side of artificial turf. This doesn't include the amount of monetary value that artificial turf will add to your home over the coming years. Along with the fact that the turf's warranty is transferable, the savings will immediately be inherited by the new owners if you ever choose to sell.

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Topics: Home Lawn, Natural Lawn

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