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4 Reasons Why Artificial Turf holds Up Great in Rainy Weather


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We Californians have a love-hate relationship with rainy weather. On the one hand, boy do we need the rain! After years of intense drought, we are painfully aware of the problems caused when there isn’t enough water. We’re now well-conditioned to conserve wherever we can. Smart and concerned homeowners have stepped up, many replacing their water-greedy natural grass lawns with artificial turf.

But what happens when it does rain? As much as we’re happy to see that water fall from the sky, rain usually creates problems – runoff that carries mud and harmful chemicals into the water systems, etc. Will the rainy weather create problems for your new fake grass, too?

We’re happy to report the answer is a resounding no! Artificial turf remains true to itself – and your expectations – regardless of the weather. And that’s a lot more than you can say for your former natural grass. Why does artificial turf hold up so well in rainy weather?

1. It doesn’t fall apart

We don’t generally think of natural grass as “falling apart,” but in fact the blades can break off under high foot traffic, especially if the grass is under duress such as in rainy weather. Broken off grass blades are just like the clippings you get from mowing – clingy and messy, inevitably getting tracked around your patio and into the house. Artificial turf may become a bit flattened under really high traffic, but the blades remain intact. Brush the surface with a stiff bristle broom, and all is well. Good looks, no mess.

2. It’s made to hold up

Artificial turf doesn’t fall apart in the traditional sense, either. Certainly not the good stuff, anyway – the superior quality products we sell here at heavenly Greens. Our turf carries some of the industry’s best warranties, when it comes to length and coverage. And for good reason. Quality products hold up longer and present you with fewer problems along the way.

One reason they are able to do that is that there are different types of artificial turf designed for different types of applications. Sports fields, dog runs, landscape lawns, kids play areas, backyard putting greens and bocce ball courts – they all have somewhat different requirements. At Heavenly Greens, we offer a surprising range of artificial turf products.  

3. It’s installed to prevent problems

Quality artificial turf is more than a groundcover, it is a multi-layer system that ensures maximum stability and drainage for the “grass” that you see on the surface. That’s why professional installation is so important. Even a great product won’t hold up if you cut corners on the installation. In fact, lack of proper installation could even void your warranty.

4. It helps you hold up better, too

Why is that? Well, because if you take a shortcut across your lawn and the turf is wet, you won’t have to worry about slipping and twisting your ankle when you fall down. Or landing in a muddy depression. Artificial turf doesn’t get slippery like natural grass. This also means you can send the kids out to play on the lawn, even if the weather is a bit sketchy. They won’t care about getting wet, and you can be confident they’re playing on a safer surface.

So what’s the holdup?

If you’re still haven’t made the switch to artificial turf, the sooner you contact us to discuss your options, the sooner you can be enjoying the benefits – rain and shine.

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