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How Slippery is Artificial Grass when it is Wet?


There’s just something about a well-kept lawn.

 You get it. Maybe it’s the inviting lushness. Perhaps the pastoral ambiance of those emerald hues shimmering in the sun. Whatever it is, most people find a pretty lawn very appealing. Ever hear the old advertising adage “you don’t sell the steak – you sell the sizzle?” That’s why, when suburbs first began sprouting all over America back in the last century, one of the key marketing features was each home came with a nice, grass lawn and yard.

 What was true then is true now, but with one big modern difference: Artificial grass is far superior to natural grass. Thanks to technology, homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of real grass, but without the hassle and expensive maintenance. The latest advances in science and technology have produced materials and manufacturing processes that allow you to choose durable and weather-resistant faux grass over the real thing.

Of the many advantages of artificial grass, it is also allergy-free and environmentally sustainable. Even more important, it provides enhanced safety for you and your family.

Real grass, which needs copious amounts of water and chemicals to thrive, retains moisture. That makes it slippery – and dangerous – when wet. Ever walk across a lawn after it has rained, or was recently watered? The chances of slipping and falling on grass, even when it’s still just covered with morning or evening dew, are much greater than walking across moisture-wicking faux grass. Now imagine your children trying to run and play on that wet natural grass!

Artificial grass is an infinitely safer alternative because even though it looks like natural grass – and feels even better to your feet – faux grass does not get slippery when wet. Top-quality synthetic grass is designed and installed to ensure moisture drains away fast. Compare that to natural grass in which water pools, making a lawn or yard messy, muddy, and hazardous until the excess water seeps into the ground and evaporates into the air.

Ideal for the pool area

 For homeowners or property managers who own a pool, artificial grass is the perfect compliment. Pools provides hours of fun for kids and adults alike. Anyone up for a cannonball contest?! However, playing in the pool also means collateral damage when all that chlorinated water splashes onto natural grass landscaping around the pool. Not a problem when you go with fast-draining faux grass that won’t be damaged by pool water.

You won’t have to worry about you or your kids slipping and falling when running around the pool, or while trying to step quickly over scorching hot concrete or brick hardscaping. Your artificial grass landscaping will keep the pool area cool because it doesn’t retain heat. And, artificial grass can easily be installed on top of those hard surfaces.

Other advantages

Natural grass is fragile. Compare that to faux grass, which does not wear down, develop uneven depressions, and is impervious to dogs who love to dig holes in the turf. Besides the pool area, artificial grass is a safer option for any play area. It reduces the risk of falling, turning ankles, and other injuries. Artificial grass installed with specialized FallSoft technology from Heavenly Greens cushions falls from as high as five feet.

There is even a specialized grass designed for dogs, thanks to Heavenly Greens’ MaxxFlow drainage technology. The sand and rubber infill we use further improves drainage, resulting in no residue or odor.

Although your artificial grass is practically maintenance-free, there will be times it will need some quick and easy cleaning. A monthly hosing down is all you need to remove dust and any other tiny debris. Most spills can be wiped away or hosed off. Even paint is easily removed with a little paint thinner and a rinse. Eventually, blades of artificial grass will temporarily flatten after enough foot traffic, but you can easily bring them “back to life” with a little sweeping using a stiff-bristle broom.

These many advantages make artificial grass the best solution, not only for your home landscaping needs but many other uses, including event venues. Have you dreamed of a home putting green? Heavenly Greens can customize one for you, making it convenient to get some extra practice in before taking on your golfing buddies. All without the worry of losing your footing just because it rained.

The important safety factor of artificial grass providing a non-slippery surface even after it gets wet is reason enough to make the switch from natural grass. Considering all the qualities that artificial grass provides, it’s the best way to enhance your valuable property.

And about that cannonball contest? Look out below!

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