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What's The Best Way To Clean Artificial Turf?


What's The Best Way To Clean Artificial Turf? http://www.heavenlygreens.com/best-way-to-clean-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensYou chose artificial grass for your yard because you knew it would always look lush and inviting. But mess happens. And no one wants a yard that looks untidy or dirty. Besides, lingering messes can sometimes turn into bigger problems such as health or safety hazards. So what’s the best way to clean your artificial turf? 



Simple tasks

  • Start with regular inspection. Fallen leaves or debris are obvious, but a quick walk-around will reveal anything else that has to go. A little something from your pet, for instance. (Pick that up right away, to keep shoes clean.) 
  • Remove organic debris using a hand-held leaf rake with stiff tines, a power blower, or your shop vac. Artificial turf is very tough and durable. However, if you’re concerned about damaging it, this article offers some helpful tips on how to safely rake your grass. 

One of our favorite homeowner tools is the power broom. Not only is this machine ideal for efficiently cleaning and fluffing your artificial turf, you can use different attachments to clean your driveway and walkways or perform other outdoor chores. 

  • Use a stiff natural-bristle broom to re-fluff the blades if they start to look matted in high-traffic areas. (You won’t have to do this if you get that power broom.) 
  • Give your turf a monthly rinse with the hose, to remove dust and other tiny debris. 

Specialized cleaning

Aside from removing leaves and other organic debris, there may be occasions when your artificial grass might require some other type of cleaning. For example: 

  • Mildew is rare, but it could appear if conditions are just right. Clean it with vinegar or another common household product, then rinse. 
  • Weeds are also rare, but it is possible for seeds to sprout on the top or your grass (inside the infill) or along the border. You can give them a pull, or you can use Round-Up™ or a similar weed killer. No worries about the chemicals damaging your fake grass. 
  • Hose off sticky spills as quickly as possible, so they don’t attract bugs or dirt. 
  • Spilled paint? Wipe if off using paint thinner on a soft cloth, then rinse. 
  • It is possible for faux grass to melt, although it will never flame up and burn. An errant ember from your fire pit or BBQ, a 4th of July sparkler, or a fallen candle from your party table can all cause a melted spot. It’s not necessarily a big deal, but it’s not a DIY project, either. Call us, and we’ll send out a Heavenly Greens expert to handle the repair. 
  • Stains? Never! It’s virtually impossible to stain artificial turf. 

Skip the DIY altogether

As easy as it is to maintain your artificial grass, you can make even easier on yourself by letting Heavenly Greens do it for you. We offer a variety of maintenance packages for your faux lawn or your backyard putting green. 

Be warned, though: while we can do it all when it comes to maintaining your artificial turf, only you can take the steps necessary to enjoy your fake grass to the fullest. Need to improve your grilling skills? Need to polish your putting prowess? You’re on your own.

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