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Learn About The Power Broom For Artificial Turf


Learn About The Power Broom For Artificial Turf http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/power-broom-for-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensNow that you’ve invested in artificial turf to replace your problem-prone natural lawn, you want to keep that pretty faux grass looking its best. One thing you can do is to periodically use a stiff, natural-bristle broom to keep the blades from becoming flattened in high-traffic areas. But did you know you can also use a power broom on your artificial turf?



“Perky” Artificial Grass Lasts Longer

Synthetic turf requires very little maintenance, but keeping it in top condition will prolong its life. You’ll get more years of enjoyment and an even better return on your investment.


Like natural grass, artificial turf in yards and other high traffic-areas can become flattened over time. The infill material can become impacted. But the purpose of infill is to separate and support the individual blades at their base so they can respond flexibly to impacts, as natural grass does. So if the infill becomes packed-down and unyielding, the blades of grass cannot perform properly. The turf will look worn and matted.


If the blades are allowed to remain bent-over, they will lose their life-like appearance and the springy bounce we all associate with natural grass. Instead, the turf will wear faster (all the way down to the base), and the blades will become thinner and even faded-looking. Your grass will look trampled instead of inviting, and it won’t feel nice underfoot.  


A Power Broom Can Do More than a Manual Broom

Because it’s motorized, it can “dig deeper” without damaging your synthetic grass. That makes it an ideal tool for maintaining your faux lawn. A power broom looks something like a rototiller, with a large brush wheel instead of steel tines. The brush can spin more than 200x per minute. As it moves over your artificial turf, its long bristles remove debris on the surface, restore the blades to their upright height, and help restore the integrity of the artificial lawn infill.


The power broom loosens the infill material around the base of the turf, so blades can remain fluffy, natural and “healthy” looking. Using this tool every few months can prolong the life of your artificial grass and eliminate the need to add infill over time.


A Power Broom Can Do More than Sweep

The large brush wheel you use to maintain your artificial turf is an attachment. The power broom platform can accommodate a number of other attachments that perform various outdoor tasks, making it a great year-round investment for your home. You can find power brooms in different sizes, with multiple speed settings.


For example, you can use the brush wheel to clean crevices and cracks in walkways, the driveway, your patio, or any other hardscaped areas. And you can use a tiller attachment to rototill the garden around your artificial turf lawn. There’s even an attachment for snow removal. (OK, it’s unlikely you’ll need that here in the Bay Area, but you might if you have a second home at a high elevation.)


Protect Your Investment with a Power Broom

Replacing your natural grass lawn with artificial turf is an investment in your home’s appearance, livability, and future value. High-quality artificial turf is designed to last for decades with hardly any maintenance. By using a power broom periodically, you will keep your grass in top condition, even in the highest foot traffic areas.

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