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Artificial Turf Articles

Natural Remedies for Killing Weeds in Your Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 24 September

We all marvel at the resiliency of nature. Seeing that once scraggly Monterey pine grow tall and stout, or a sunflower sprout up improbably in an alleyway can’t help but bring joy.

 Unfortunately, Mother Nature also produces some pests that are especially resilient, including weeds – an unwelcome guest taking up space in and around your landscaping. Weeds, once settled in, are hard to remove.

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Strategies to Tackle Your Overgrown Garden

Posted by Troy Scott on 19 April


You just bought the home of your dreams. But the yard? Not so dreamy. In fact, it’s a mess – so overgrown it’s hard to know what to tackle first. Take heart, you’ve got this! It’ll be a lot of work, but the results will be well worth the effort. Just take things one step at a time.

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Topics: weeds, Artificial Turf Lawn, Beautiful Lawn, green lawn, Gardening

Will Weeds Grow Through Artificial Grass?

Posted by Troy Scott on 29 December


Artificial turf is capable of providing homeowners with a beautiful lawn that is lush, green and mud free. The majority of brands on the market guarantee that no weeds will be able to penetrate their many levels of sub-turf and work up through the intricate, finely woven fabric backing. There are many reasons why weeds don't often appear in areas where artificial turf is present. Artificial turf is designed to prevent many of the pitfalls of a natural grass lawn that can destroy its looks. It is able to accomplish this because of its complex construction and many levels that reach below the surface of the turf.

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Topics: weeds, artificial turf

Common California Weeds - Get Rid of Them Without Chemicals!

Posted by Troy Scott on 23 February

Weeds are common everywhere, but in California, they can flourish even in the driest of conditions. Once weeds take hold, it can be extremely hard to get rid of them. They grow quicker than regular grass and other landscaping plants and seeds are easily carried from one place to another by animals and humans. Many seeds are light enough to become airborne and can take root in the most hard to reach places. Homeowners often find themselves face to face with an abundance of weeds. Instead of using harsh chemicals to get rid of the weeds, there are safer alternatives available.

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Downside of Using Pesticides and How Artificial Turf Eliminates Them

Posted by Troy Scott on 18 May

Have yard, use pesticides. It’s a simple equation. Grass lawns fall prone to bugs, plant disease, molds and more, leaving the lawn owner with a few problems to solve. If you believe the hype from certain lawn care product producers, the no-brainer solution to combating yard issues is to slather your grass in pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. These poisonous chemicals target plant problems and, if used correctly, leave you with a lush green lawn.

However, the traces of what’s left in your yard after pesticide treatments make your lawn much less inviting than it may look. A lawn laced in pesticides is a danger to you, your family and your pets. While alerts about certain commonly used pesticide chemicals reach back as far as the 80’s, it wasn’t until the past decade or so that people have become increasingly aware of this issue.

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Breaking News in San Jose! Have a Weed-Free Lawn—Get Artificial Turf!

Posted by Troy Scott on 28 February

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, synthetic turf, artificial grass, weeds

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