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Downside of Using Pesticides and How Artificial Turf Eliminates Them

artificial grass is safe for kids

Have yard, use pesticides. It’s a simple equation. Grass lawns fall prone to bugs, plant disease, molds and more, leaving the lawn owner with a few problems to solve. If you believe the hype from certain lawn care product producers, the no-brainer solution to combating yard issues is to slather your grass in pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. These poisonous chemicals target plant problems and, if used correctly, leave you with a lush green lawn.

However, the traces of what’s left in your yard after pesticide treatments make your lawn much less inviting than it may look. A lawn laced in pesticides is a danger to you, your family and your pets. While alerts about certain commonly used pesticide chemicals reach back as far as the 80’s, it wasn’t until the past decade or so that people have become increasingly aware of this issue.

The medical research about the effects of pesticides is chilling. Commonly used chemicals in lawn pesticides, insecticides and herbicides have been shown to affect physiological and neurological development in children, as well as adults’ nervous systems and endocrine systems. Studies have produced solid evidence that children born near farming communities are much more prone to cancer. Some pesticides may irritate the skin and eyes, and some pesticides are carcinogens. Any way you cut it, they’re not good.

Maybe this is old news to you. You’ve figured out less harmful solutions to care for your yard, while more importantly, taking care of yourself and your loved ones. But if you still continue to use chemicals in your yard, or for that matter, in your home, we’d encourage you to continue to research this issue. Pesticides may be found infiltrating and leaking out of more places than you think, including your own home.

Whether the harmful effects of pesticides are new or old news to you, it’s time to do something about it. Drop the pesticide use. Even when used “safely and correctly”, plants, humans and animals will still be adversely affected by coming into contact with pesticides. Toxins sprayed around your yard will inevitably enter your blood stream, potentially cause irritation.  

While we don’t claim they’re a perfect solution, fake grass lawns are a step in the right direction. Stop dousing your lawn in poison every year and install our fully recycled, recyclable artificial turf. Fake grass lawns are not only low-maintenance, they also guarantee you won’t be battling weeds and likely not any pests either. Without the layer of thatch found in natural turf, bug infestations are highly unlikely, so bye-bye insecticides! The only maintenance you’ll be doing for your artificial grass is blowing debris away with a leaf blower occasionally or giving it a simple hose-down if necessary.

With our 15-20 year warranty for Heavenly Greens artificial turf, you’ll be able to enjoy your yard for decades, with nary a chemical spray to be seen. Call Heavenly Greens today to find out about our artificial turf lawn solutions.

The EPA’s website may be used as a basic resource to further the effects of pesticides on people.


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