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Artificial Turf Articles

Artificial Grass Warranties: What to Look For

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 September

Choosing to install artificial grass at your home or business can be a very smart investment – aesthetically, functionally, and financially. However, the actual value of that investment depends on the quality of the artificial turf product you purchase as well as how it is installed. One of the easiest ways to know if you’re getting superior quality or something less-than-desirable is to check the warranty.

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Top 3 Mistakes You Can Make Installing Artificial Turf Yourself

Posted by Troy Scott on 18 July


If you’re considering saving money by installing your new artificial grass yourself, be sure you understand what it takes to do the job right. No matter who does the job, installing it is a lot of work. It’s an exacting process that involves many steps. Make a mistake at any point along the way, and you can kiss your long-term investment goodbye. Yes, your new lawn may look good for a while – after all, artificial grass is naturally pretty. But it won’t be long before you start to notice problems.

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass Installation, Workmanship

Design, Materials, Site Prep & Workmanship Define Good Artificial Lawn Installation

Posted by Troy Scott on 28 August

If you’re looking to install residential artificial grass at your home, don’t you want to hire a skilled, experienced team guaranteeing a natural-looking, professionally installed yard?

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Topics: Residential Artificial Grass, Commercial Synthetic Turf, Unique Artificial Turf Design and Uses, Workmanship

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