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Waterscape Tips for Your Artificial Grass

bird drinking from water fountain in beautful artificial grass backyardThe sight and soft sounds of water splashing or flowing over smooth stones is universally appealing. Combining a waterscape with your artificial grass is a lovely way to express yourself and create a calming space. Front yard or back, any size or shape, whatever your budget, there is a water feature just waiting to enhance your landscape. You can hire a designer and a contractor, but you can also make a water feature yourself, out of anything.

Easy on the eyes, and easy care, too

If you think waterscapes are automatically expensive or require time-consuming maintenance, fear not. After all, isn’t that why you got rid of your natural grass lawn and replaced it with no-fuss artificial grass? Waterscapes don’t have to be water-guzzlers, either. They can be installed as self-contained systems that recycle their water – an ideal companion to your sustainable landscape!

Share the wealth of life-giving water

Waterscapes provide multiple benefits for humans, but the presence of fresh, accessible water makes your yard highly attractive to wild critters, too. Birds, bees, dragonflies, and butterflies all need water to survive. It’s easier (and safer) for them to sip from a still surface, so waterscapes that include small pools are best. Of course, a pretty bird bath will do just fine, too.

From simple to elegant to just plain wacky

  • Fountains are particular popular, on their own or as sources of water that flows into a tiny stream or pond.
  • Use an urn, tall ceramic container, or a rock to create a bubbler.
  • Build a water wall as a free-standing divider or to front an existing wall.
  • Stack elements in a tier or cascade them gently down a slope to mimic the look and sounds of a waterfall or natural stream. Going vertical with your water feature creates a completely different visual vibe, and it uses far less space.
  • How ‘bout a koi pond with little arched bridge, like you’d find in a soothing Japanese garden? If you’re worried raccoons or your cat will chow down on those expensive koi, skip the live fish and install a handsome heron statue at water’s edge.
  • A small galvanized livestock trough makes an instant pond – sunken, partially sunken, or standing at ground level to create an elevated effect.
  • But what if you don’t have space for that water feature you want plus a lawn as large as you need? Or what if you want to cover your pool when it’s not in use? Well, consider a retractable lawn. You can have your grass and waterscape, too – thanks to the versatility of artificial grass.
  • Looking for something more practical but still unusual? Bob Vila of This Old House fame suggests an outdoor shower. Refreshing on a hot summer day, ready for a quick rinse after play or before heading to the pool, or just for fun. Bob says it’s easy and very affordable to make a shower that doubles as garden art

Water is a natural with other materials

Add pathways or a hidden bench alongside, or place the waterscape so it serves as a focal point for folks seated on the patio or looking out the windows from inside your home.

Add some low-voltage lighting to give your waterscape an entire new look at night. You can even install under-water lighting to give pooled water a mysterious nighttime glow.

You can also add a heating element to keep water from freezing in cold temperatures. On the other hand, a winter-frosty waterscape can transform your garden in beautifully unique ways, to bring new pleasures year round.

Where to find inspiration

Pictures are always helpful when you’re looking for ideas. This article depicts four very different waterscape interpretations, all of which are perfect accompaniments for artificial grass. It will spark your imagination and give you practical construction pointers, too.

Another great idea? Plan to attend Bay Area flower and garden or home shows this winter/spring. ‘Tis the season to start planning your new waterscape.

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