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What to Expect During Your Fake Grass Installation

What to Expect During Your Fake Grass Installation http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/what-to-expect-during-your-fake-grass-installation @onsitephysioOnce you make the choice to convert your natural grass lawn to artificial turf, you need to prepare yourself for the installation process. In most cases, fake grass installation will only take a few days. During those few days, however, you will have to stay off of your lawn and keep children and pets at a distance. While the installation process takes time and can be somewhat unsightly, the end result is well worth the wait and the cost.

Be Prepared For Some Dust and Debris

Before the installation process can begin, the natural grass must be removed. The manner in which this is accomplished will determine how much dust and debris is created. If the ground is extremely dry, dust will be created that will easily become airborne. In most cases, landscapers will dampen the grass, making it easier to cut. The grass and sod can then be removed in sections and carried away.

As soon as the grass has been removed, the soil must be turned and smoothed over. This helps to level the ground and eliminate any low lying areas where water may accumulate. If the ground has several dips and valleys, the landscaper may bring in a blade to help break down the areas and try to make the ground more level. Depending on how bad it is, new dirt may be brought in to fill in certain areas.

Stay Off the Lawn

During the fake grass installation, it is important that you stay off of your lawn. Children and pets should be kept off of it as well. You may request to have the artificial turf laid in sections so that your pets will have a place to use the restroom. This will increase the amount of time the crews will be working at your home, but will also provide you the convenience of being able to use a part of your lawn while the fake grass installation is in progress.

Excessive Amounts of Foot Traffic

The size of the job will determine how many people will be on hand to complete the installation. Landscapers normally determine the size of the crew by how large the lawn is. In some cases, if the job needs to be finished quickly, more people may be brought in to get the work done at a faster pace. Most of the work will be completed during the day, so if you work outside the home, you may never know just how many people are working on the installation.

A Beautiful, Vibrant Lawn

In the end, after all of the mess, measuring, laying and clean up, you will have a beautifully vibrant, green lawn. A landscaper who specializes in fake grass installation will make sure that your property looks as good or better than it did when they first arrived. This means that any debris will be removed and the area will be carefully trimmed, swept and cleaned prior to their leaving on the last day of the project. A credible landscaper will allow you to inspect their work before they finish out the job to make sure you are happy with their work.

Fake grass installation is not rocket science. In most cases, the entire process takes less than one week to complete. Although you may not have access to your lawn during the installation process, the end result will be worth it. Your home's curb appeal with be increased along with the value of your property. Artificial turf is a long term investment that will pay for itself within a few short years. A beautiful lawn is well worth a few days of landscaping chaos, especially with all of the benefits artificial turf offers.cost of natural grass

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