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Why Artificial Turf is an Investment, Not a Cost

Why Artificial Turf is an Investment, Not a cost http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/why-artificial-turf-is-an-investment-not-a-cost @heavenlygreensMany homeowners consider artificial turf to be a major expense. In reality, the overall cost is rather reasonable when compared to the cost of maintaining natural grass. The cost of artificial turf is actually an investment in your home. It increases the property's resale value and keeps the lawn looking green and lush. With today's economy, any investment that beautifies one's home or saves large sums of money is well worth the investment.

Cost Effective

Artificial turf is cost effective when you take its cost and divide it by the number of years you expect it to be in place. Add to that the reduced amount of money spent on gas, lawnmowers, lawn care utensils and chemicals. The total cost of upkeep per year is dramatically reduced. By making a substantial investment towards the purchase of artificial turf, the homeowner not only beautifies their home, improves the condition of their lawn, but they will save a substantial amount of money over the life of the turf.

Lower Water Bills

One of the biggest reasons to invest in artificial turf is the decrease in water usage. An average natural grass lawn can use close to 150,000 gallons of water per year. In states where drought conditions are prevalent, excessive water usage can lead to hefty fines. Repeat offenders can be charged sums of money in penalties. With artificial turf, the only water that is needed for its upkeep is to occasionally rinse it off once or twice a month, even less if there are no pets.

No Harsh Chemicals

Synthetic turf does not require any harsh fertilizers or chemicals to keep it looking green and vibrant. Weed killers are also unnecessary. With proper care, airborne seeds that land on artificial turf will not reach the soil under the mesh material and cannot germinate or grow under synthetic turf. The only maintenance required is to pull any small weeds that may appear along the edges of the turf. Synthetic turf does not require any expensive detergents to keep it clean and fresh smelling. Materials used in the construction of artificial turf contain anti-bacterial components that prevent odors and keep bacteria from multiplying.

No Upkeep Or Maintenance On Lawn Care Tools

Homeowners spend thousands of dollars every year on a variety of lawn tools and utensils, including:

  • Riding lawn mowers

  • Lawn tractors

  • Thatchers

  • Lawn rakes

  • Weed eaters

  • Trimmers

  • Gasoline and oil

Installing artificial turf eliminates all of the extra costs associated with the maintenance of natural grass and the equipment needed to keep it looking its best.

Saves Time and Man Hours

Another reason to invest in synthetic turf is the amount of time saved over the years it remains in place. Depending on the size of the lawn, a homeowner can spend upwards of 10 hours a week maintaining the lawn. With artificial turf, virtually no time is needed to be spent on its care. This allows the homeowner to use their time more wisely. They can spend quality time with their family, take up a hobby or spend time relaxing by the pool. Over the years, the amount of time saved is substantial.

Investing in your home is much better than spending money on equipment and chemicals that will eventually have to be replaced. By converting a natural grass lawn to synthetic turf, you start saving money the day it is installed. Over the years, the money saved can be used to improve other areas of the home, buy a new vehicle or put a child through college. Artificial turf saves both time and money, in addition to increasing the resale value of the home.The Heavenly Greens Difference Artifical Turf Ebook

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