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Winterizing Your Lawn? Not with Artificial Turf


Winterizing Your Lawn? Not with Artificial Turf http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/winterizing-your-lawn-not-with-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensOne thing you can say about natural grass: it’s always needy. You spend your spring, summer and fall catering to your lawn, physically and financially. And does that mean you get to take winter off? Not exactly. Your lawn still needs you.


As winter approaches, lawn grasses begin to “winterize” themselves by going dormant. Your yard goes from greenish to brownish, hardly the House Beautiful landscape of your dreams. And even though the grass is making its own effort to wind down for the winter, you have to step in and take care of some winterizing chores yourself.


You have to mow it one last time. And pull weeds (no such thing as “last time” for that). Then you need to apply special fertilizer so the grass can spring into action when spring rolls around. But you have to test your soil to learn if you need a fertilizer that will make your soil more acidic or more alkaline. You should probably do what you can to repair the bare patches or divots in your lawn, too, because they’ll be a rich source of mud and debris just waiting to be tracked into your house over the winter.


And Heaven forbid we have an unusually warm winter, because then your grass could get confused and think it’s supposed to keep growing. Better keep that mower handy, just in case! And make preparations to repeatedly clean your pets’ paws (and your own feet), because you won’t be able to prevent them from getting muddy on the grass.


Winterizing your lawn? Not with artificial turf!

You have better things to do. And – thanks to switching to an artificial grass lawn – you can do them guilt-free, confident that your lawn is in prime condition, ready to laugh off winter. Come to think of it, your lawn is always in the best of shape, instead of being always-needy. Every day, with little to no effort on your part.


Winterizing your lawn is for the birds. Who wants to muck around in the yard when it’s cold and damp outside? It’s so much better to be indoors, comfortably ensconced in front of the game with a hot beverage in hand. Or playing a hot game of Monopoly or a favorite video game with the kids. 


Since you don’t have to spend time winterizing, there are other ways you can amuse yourself:

  • Weather permitting, you could get in a late-season round of golf.
  • Or you could step outside and put in some time on your backyard putting green. By next spring, your golfing buddies will be so impressed with your enhanced prowess around the greens. OK, let’s be honest. They’ll be jealous.
  • You could remain toasty and comfy inside, surrounded by gardening books and sketch pads, planning your 2018 garden. Flowers for the perimeter of your artificial turf lawn. And maybe a new tree. Veggies. And plenty of containers for color on the patio and porch.


Be a good neighbor

In the spirit of the holidays, have a heart for your neighbors that do have to winterize their lawns. Invite them over for a warming social hour or dinner, to celebrate completion of their chilly outdoor tasks. While they’re there, you can tell them about all the reasons they should switch to artificial turf, too.


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