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Comparing Artificial Turf Infill: Zeofill vs. Crumb Rubber


Comparing Artificial Turf Infill: Zeofill vs. Crumb Rubber http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/Zeofill vs. Crumb Rubber @heavenlygreensArtificial turf is a great choice for homeowners who want all of the benefits that it offers. Once they've chosen the turf, however, the next choice is the type of infill. While there are several different types of infill to choose from, the two top choices tend to be Zeofill and crumb rubber. Both are excellent types of infill, but each has its own set of benefits that make it work well in some situations and not so well in others. Choosing the right type of turf is the key to keeping your property looking its very best. Know what types of turf fits your needs and then make your choice accordingly.


Odor Control

Most types of infill don't account for odor control. Zeofill, on the other hand, can control odor if it is rinsed occasionally. Because Zeofill has the tendency to absorb moisture, the residue that adheres to the surface can be easily rinsed away. The same is true for crumb rubber and other types of infill. Rinsing the turf occasionally will eliminate the residue that can eventually lead to unpleasant odors. The main difference between Zeofill and crumb rubber is that crumb rubber tends to hold the odors, mostly because the residue clings to the rubber. With Zeofill, the moisture is absorbed. When the area is rinsed, the moisture is diluted and the residue is eventually rinsed away.


Moisture Control

Moisture control is essential when dealing with artificial turf. Zeofill has the capability to absorb moisture and allow it to gradually evaporate away. This mimics the way soil acts and can actually make the lawn feel softer and more resilient. Crumb rubber acts like a leaching system, directing water down into the channels at the base of the turf. This allows the water to return to the ground water supply and prevent it from evaporating back into the atmosphere. In many ways, this is much better for the environment than the Zeofill option.



Both Zeofill and crumb rubber receive high marks for durability. Crumb rubber is firm and extremely resistant to wear and tear. It is often more durable and than the surrounding materials meaning that it can be slightly abrasive. While it is not jagged or rough by any means, it can still feel somewhat harsh. Zeofill, on the other hand, is fairly soft. It is resistant to damage, but can eventually be worn or carried away. Zeofill is a natural element and will withstand most of what the environment throws at it. The same is true for crumb rubber, except for the environmental benefits. Crumb rubber does not leach excessive amounts of toxins nor does it pose a health threat to those who use it.


Look and Feel

Crumb rubber is extremely dark, almost blackish, in color. When used as an infill it can cause the turf to look slightly dark than normal. Zeofill is much lighter in both color and weight. While the crumb rubber will provide a more compact, firmer feel to the turf, Zeofill's lighter weight will make the lawn feel slightly softer and more like a natural grass lawn. Both types of infill work equally well in this department and can provide a lawn that looks and feels extremely natural and well-maintained.


Children, pets, and environmental concerns are often the determining factors when making a choice about your lawn. Knowing what every element offers in relation to your specific needs is a must if you want to make an informed decision. With infill, the biggest factors are often odor control and moisture. Families with pets and children will often times choose Zeofill over crumb rubber because of its odor control capabilities and moisture control. Talk to your landscaper to find out exactly what type of infill offers the most benefits for your particular situation. This will allow you to make an informed choice and have the type of lawn you will love.

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