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What To Look For In Your Artificial Turf Warranty


What-To-Look-For-AT-Warranty-Blog.jpgVirtually every product of any “consequence” comes with a warranty, from coffee grinders to new cars. The more you pay for the product, and the longer you expect it to perform, the more important its warranty becomes. A warranty protects your investment. But, like any other insurance policy, it’s only as good as its coverage.


Because artificial turf is a major investment for your home or business, you should certainly expect it to come with a top quality warranty. But what constitutes a top quality artificial turf warranty?


Not all artificial turf is the same

Synthetic grass is not a single product, but a broad range of products designed to perform in different ways under different conditions. Fake grass also comes in a broad quality range. You shouldn’t expect a cheaper product to function as well or last as long as a superior product. For that reason, lower quality products typically have less extensive warranties, too.


Often, as consumers, we only ask whether our prospective purchase has a warranty. If it does, we feel “covered” and don’t bother to ask about the details of the warranty. That’s not such a good idea. With artificial turf, warranty details really do matter. So ask these questions:


Who is responsible for backing up the warranty?

If you purchase artificial turf from one company and hire someone else to do the installation – or your distributor hires a third party to do the work – will you get a separate warranty for the installation work? Will multiple warranties give you the total coverage you need, or will there be gaps? Or will there be potential disagreements about who is responsible for what, should you have a problem?


At Heavenly Greens, you don’t have to worry about this because we handle every detail in-house, from initial design consultation through expert professional installation. And our warranties cover everything we do.


How long has the company been in business?

Some critical factors are not expressed in the warranty itself. The most important is this: should you have a problem with your artificial turf in the future, will the company backing your warranty still be around to deal with it? This is a real issue, but it’s a potential problem you can avoid.


With the rapid growth in artificial turf popularity, many new companies have appeared on the scene to sell and/or install these products. Not all of them are equally committed to customer service. And, frankly, not all of them will be around for the long haul. So the company you choose to buy from is as important as the specific artificial grass product you choose to buy.


Look for a company that’s been in business here in Northern California for at least 5 to 8 years. Even longer is even better, because long-term success indicates financial stability as well as quality.


Exactly what is covered?

Here at Heavenly Greens, we offer only the finest artificial turf products, made in the USA. Our product warranties range from 8 to 15 years. We offer an extensive line-item warranty that covers several types of issues, including fading, discoloration, and materials. We give each customer a packet of information about their artificial turf that includes details on warranty coverage. And, of course, we back up our warranty with real people who are always happy to answer questions.


One final note

Nobody likes to read the fine print. We recommend you do that anyway, so you know before you buy any artificial turf how your investment will be protected.

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