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Locations that offer rebates for installing artificial turf

By Location

Now until the end of 2015, get up to $500 in savings from Heavenly Greens. This is in addition to any savings/rebates that are offered for installing artificial grass by your city or township. The $500 offer from Heavenly Greens is for new customers only and requires a minimum of 300 sqft installed.

The Synthetic Turf rebates listed here: currently available in our market as well as listed below. We are trying to keep this list as updated as possible. We suggest you contact your water district directly to confirm the rebate policy and to learn about any of the requirements that may be involved. In most cases the district will require a pre-site inspection before the installation process begins. Therefore it is very important to contact the office in your town offering the rebate to learn what the requirements are BEFORE you install your turf.


Foster City

Rebates will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.  Funding is limited, so if you are interested in installing synthetic turf on your property, act now!


  • Residential customers: $4/sq ft, up to a max rebate of $3k per customer.
  • Irrigation customers (including multi-family residential and commercial where allowed): $4/sq ft, up to a max rebate of 10k per customer.

Click here for more information


Contra Costa


  • $1/sq ft.
  • $1k max for residential.
  • $10k max for commercial, municipal, and homeowners associations.

Click here for more information


North Marin

NMWD is also offering residential customers cash in return for reducing the amount of lawn area in their landscapes by replacing it with synthetic turf. The District will pay you up to $50 per 100 square feet of lawn area you remove. The cash rebate is limited to $400 for single family dwellings, $100 for townhouses or condominiums, and $50 for apartments.


  • $50/100 sq ft.
  • $400 max for single family, $100 for townhouse/condo, $50 max.

For more information click here.



City of Napa

Supported by a Prop 84 Grant from the California Department of Water Resources, the City of Napa is offering water customers an incentive to replace their thirsty lawns with water-efficient landscaping.  The program offers 50 cents per square foot to replace eligible lawn areas with:

  • Low-water-use, climate-appropriate plants, and/or
  • Permeable hardscape, and/or
  • Artificial Grass (polyethylene and nylon products only)

The program is open to all properties that are served by a City of Napa water account – residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional.  


  • $1/sq ft.
  • $750 max for single-family residential
  • $2,500 max for multi-family, institutional, commercial, HOA

Customers may of course remove more turf area than is covered by the rebate program, but the per site maximum $ still applies. Click here for more information.


City of Santa Cruz Water District

Even low water use plants take water to get established. We strongly encourage you to wait to plant your new landscape until the water shortage emergency is over. We do not want your new landscape to send you over your monthly water allotment!

Due to drought conditions, the following eligibility requirements have been modified:

  • Lawns do not have to be green to receive the rebate
  • Artificial turf installations will be rebated
  • The project does not need to be completed within 180 days or by a deadline. We ask that you wait to plant when water conditions return to normal


  • $.50/sq ft.
  • $500 max for residential.
  • $2,500 max for multi-family/commercial.

Click Here for more information.

Read the Eligibility Requirements and FAQs. Lawns must still be in place and be irrigated by an in-ground irrigation system. Before removing ANY lawn, call the Water Conservation Office at 831-420-5230 to set up a pre-approval site visit. We’ll verify your project meets the rebate requirements, take a measurement, and a photo. Lawn that has already been removed is NOT eligible for a rebate.


Soquel Creek Water District

Replace existing high-water use lawn with low-water use grasses, low-water use plants, and/or synthetic turf and receive $1 per square foot of turf replaced.


  • $1/sq ft.
  • 1k/fiscal year, residential.
  • 10k/fiscal year, commercial.

Click here for more information.


Monterey Area

California American Water and Monterey Peninsula Water Management District are now offering homeowners plumper rebates for investments in water-conserving appliances and landscaping.


  • $1/sq ft.
  • $250 min, $2,500 max

Click here for more information.



  • up to 1k

Call 707-410-5469 for more information.



Rebates are offered.
Please call 707-648-4345 for more information.



  • $1/sq ft
  • 1k max for residential
  • 5k max for commercial, institutional


East Bay

  • $2,500 max for single/multi-family homes
  • 20k max for commercial

Zone 7 Alameda

  • $750 max for residential
  • $4,500 max for commercial or multi-family

Brisbane, Daly City, Guadalupe Valley, San Mateo, San Carlos, Redwood City & San Bruno

  • $1/sq ft

Click here for more information.

Menlo Park & Belmont

  • $2/sq ft


  • $4/sq ft
  • 200 sq/ft min, max subject to approva


Santa Clara Valley W.D.

No Current Rebates:

Click here for more information.


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