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Artificial Grass: Superior Drainage

MaxxFlow – Superior Drainage


Heavenly Greens with MaxxFlow drains better than real grass and better than the competitor’s turf. Our proprietary 100% permeable synthetic grass means no more muddy mess. Your lawn and your home will stay cleaner with a beautiful new synthetic lawn from Heavenly Greens.

MaxxFlow artificial turf with rain drops on it

Because there is no dirt and no water needed to maintain a Heavenly Greens lawn, your family, friends and pets can enjoy your new lawn without having to worry about dirty footprints.

Important Information for Dog Owners

Drainage is very important for dog owners. Improper drainage will lead to odor buildup from frequent pet use. To eliminate the risk of a smelly backyard, choose Heavenly Greens—The turf of choice for animal care professionals, including the Humane Society Silicon Valley. Only Heavenly Greens has Maxxflow, a 100% permeable backing for superior drainage throughout the product for maximum drainage capabilities.


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