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Football and Field Turf

From high school football fields to the NFL, more organizations are choosing synthetic turf to replace natural grass. In fact, every year the majority of NFL players complete surveys saying they prefer artificial grass to play on. Why?

Field Turf:

  • Requires less maintenance

  • Is safer

  • Drains easier

  • Has a smoother surface

For starters, synthetic grass in football fields is easier to maintain. It cuts down on the time and energy employees spend making sure the field is perfect because it is guaranteed to be green and clean. It drains easier than real grass, so rainy days are not as much of an issue with fake grass.

Not only that, but field turf leads to less injury. With all the sliding and tackling football players do, they’ve got enough to worry about besides the surface on which they’re playing. Artificial turf does not have the dirt and germs, and since it drains better, there’s less water to cause an unnecessary slip and fall.

In fact, Heavenly Greens field turf satisfies requirements for maximum safety & performance (MSP, which measures the field’s degree of hardness and ability to absorb impact. A field that is too hard can increase risk for neural, cranial and cervical injuries, and a field that is too soft can increase the risk of ankle and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. Heavenly Greens provides playable safety and reduces the risk of football players to be hurt.

With Heavenly Greens artificial turf, it’s the safest bet to avoid injury and keep a football field looking it’s best. Click to learn how your field can be customized with your team's logo, free!

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