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Fake Grass Is Softer Than The Real Thing

Free Quote on Face Grass Lawns for desidentialSometimes spending an afternoon or evening playing and relaxing out on your lawn can be just what you and your family need. And sometimes, real grass is a little less than comfortable. 

Natural grass lawns can dry out, becoming itchy and prickly on skin. This dry grass can scratch and irritate your legs and arms when you want to spend time laying out on the lawn. Ocassionally, you may apply fertilizer, hebicide, or pesticide that keeps you, your kids and your pets from playing on the lawn.

With residential fake grass, you don’t get a simple flat outdoor carpet. You get a beautiful, plush, natural-looking grass that’s softer than the real thing.

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Heavenly Greens offers artificial lawns that are playtime friendly. Whether your children are running barefoot, laying in the grass to take a nap or sliding across a Slip ‘N SlideTM on a nice summer day, synthetic grass is a comfortable spot to spend time.

Heavenly Greens artificial grass installation is:

  • Grass that is soft and plush to the touch.

  • An easy-to-clean lawn.

  • Grass that is always accessible to play.

  • A lawn that won’t cause itchy or irritated skin.

Call Heavenly Greens today for a quote on installing residential artificial turf at your home.  

Click for a fast free quote or call Heavenly Greens now at 888-254-5503.

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