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Artificial Grass: Healthier than the Real Thing

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Some lawns are healthy-looking, but are they really healthy for you, the homeowner, your family, friends and pets?

Natural lawns take lots of time sodding and treating. With this maintenance comes hazardous chemicals that can be extremely harmful to you, your family and your pets playing in the yard.

People who spend significant time working in their yards with these chemicals and fertilizers are putting themselves at risk. The Centers for Disease Control estimates the average person has 13 different types of pesticide in their bodies. The CDC estimates that 20% of the global use of pesticides in in the USA. Pesticide exposure may not guarantee sickness, but why risk it?

Synthetic grass is the healthy landscaping solution for you and your family. Check with us to learn of the latest Lawn Promotion.

Get a healthy lawn with artificial turf from Heavenly Greens, which offers natural-looking, green fake turf for you to enjoy without the worry.

With synthetic turf, you won’t have to worry about keeping your lawn green and healthy. You no longer will have to spend hours in the yard maintaining and treating it, because your lawn will always be green, soft to the touch and accessible and ready to use.

And without the treatments and fertilizers, fake grass won’t put you at risk for your hard work, and it won’t harm your pets or your children when they’re enjoying the lawn.

Artificial lawns are the safe option for homeowners. Contact Heavenly Greens today for a quote on installing synthetic turf at your home.

Click for a fast free quote on artificial grass installation at your home or call Heavenly Greens right away at 888-254-5503.


Install Artificial Grass and avoid pesticide exposure

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