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Artificial Turf Articles

Does Your Lawn Look Sick? Maybe It Is

Posted by Troy Scott on 03 March

Natural grass is susceptible to all sorts of diseases and other issues that can turn your lawn from a lovely landscaping element into an unsightly and frustrating challenge. Not every disease affects every type of grass, and some diseases are less likely to be a problem here in northern California. Nonetheless the list of things that can sicken your lawn is pretty long. [Sigh.]

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Topics: health, Chemical Treatments, maintenance, Natural Lawn, pests, natural grass problems

How To Manage Grass Allergies With Or Without Artificial Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 25 January


According to the Centers for Disease Control, last year around 19.1 million adults suffered with grass allergies, or ‘hay fever’ as it’s more commonly called. The official medical term allergic rhinitis results in sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes & nose and watery eyes. Those with a more severe reaction may even get hives upon contact with grass or suffer asthma attacks. It’s one of the most common pollen allergies, affecting young and old, humans and canines alike. Unfortunately, grass allergies make some of the most beautiful months of the year very uncomfortable. Spring and early summer are quickly approaching, and those who suffer pollen allergies need to be prepared.

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Artificial Turf And The Fear Of Cancer In Soccer Goalies

Posted by Troy Scott on 29 November


For decades, artificial turf has been used to re-surface playing fields. With little to no maintenance, it saves field and team owners thousands of dollar a day in upkeep. It doesn't show wear and tear and it provides a suitable surface for most types of play. Recently, a large number of soccer players, mostly goalies have been diagnosed with different types of cancer, predominantly of the lung and skin. Many people are suggesting that the increase in cancer cases are directly linked to the time they spent playing on artificial turf.

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Topics: artificial turf, health

How Artificial Grass Is Keeping Everyone More Active & Healthy Year-Round

Posted by Troy Scott on 22 November


Artificial grass makes an ideal ground cover for active families who enjoy spending time outside. It offers several advantages over natural grass when it comes to durability and seasonal play. Outdoor recreational areas or backyards in general, that are covered in artificial turf make an ideal playing field for a variety of sports and recreational activities.

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Topics: artificial turf, health

Ways To Make Your Home Safer For Your Children

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 October


Your home should be the safest place your children know. Accidents do happen, however. It is up to you to safeguard your children from many of the pitfalls they may come across as they grow. Around the home, the list of safety precautions is endless. Even the smallest things can prevent an accident. Both inside and outside of the home, as a parent you are always on the look out for anything that could possibly injure your child.

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Topics: health, Playgrounds

Here's How Artificial Grass Can Soothe Your Itchy Nose and Watery Eyes

Posted by Troy Scott on 28 April

Here's How Artificial Grass Can Soothe Your Itchy Nose and Watery Eyes http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/blog/-temporary-slug-c4812ae3-acf2-4204-a749-b6909d4fba80 @heavenlygreensHomeowners who have natural grass lawns and upper respiratory allergies must constantly deal with the pollens, dusts and other allergens associated with its care and up keep. Several are making the decision to convert from natural to artificial grass in an attempt to control the allergens they are exposed to.

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Topics: health

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