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How Artificial Grass Is Keeping Everyone More Active & Healthy Year-Round


How Artificial Grass Is Keeping Everyone More Active & Healthy Year-Round http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-grass-keeps-everyone-more-active-healthy-year-round @heavenlygreensArtificial grass makes an ideal ground cover for active families who enjoy spending time outside. It offers several advantages over natural grass when it comes to durability and seasonal play. Outdoor recreational areas or backyards in general, that are covered in artificial turf make an ideal playing field for a variety of sports and recreational activities.

Consistent Playing Surface

One of the main issues with natural grass is that it can be damaged or ruts can form in high traffic areas. With artificial grass, the surface never changes and will remain consistent in both ground surface and blade height. The grass does not have to be mowed or trimmed to maintain the same height consistently throughout the year. Installing artificial turf eliminates the soil being gouged or raised in any way. This can prevent a tripping hazard and can possibly prevent twisting or rolling an ankle.

Level Playing Field

When the ground is prepared before an artificial turf installation, it is leveled throughout. Small dips and valleys are smoothed over and large hills are graded down to create a level area. This makes for an ideal playing surface. While some lawns may have slight areas of elevation, the lawn is fairly level throughout making it easy to run and play without fear of tripping, falling or rolling in any one particular direction. It also makes it easy to lay out a fitness mat and enjoy an hour of exercise.

Artificial Grass Doesn't Change With the Seasons

Artificial grass remains constant throughout the seasons. It doesn't dry out or need massive amounts of water to keep it looking its best. Artificial lawns remain green throughout the year and work very well in densely shaded areas. This feature alone means consistent texture and grass height at all times with little to no variation when it comes to sun and shade. Being able to play outside all year long provides fresh air and wide open areas to run, play and participate in a wide variety of activities that encourages good health and fitness goals. Another benefit is the visual appeal. It's more enjoyable to look at and will make the time you spend outside go by much faster.

Durable Materials and Resistant to Wear and Tear

Artificial grass is made from extremely durable materials and is highly resistant to wear and tear. Ruts, grooves and pathways won't form in high traffic areas and the grass will not wear away. No bare spots will form that can result in a tripping hazard. The polyethylene and nylon fibers that are used in the turf's construction are extremely durable and will not break down, fray, or tear. The material that is used to form the grass blades does not wear or fray. It is extremely difficult to cut and will not tear. This means that almost any type of activity can be performed on an artificial grass lawn and it will not be damaged or degraded in any way.

Even though homeowners with natural grass lawns can be active outside, the surface of the ground changes with the seasons making it difficult to play or participate in activities during the winter months. With artificial grass, there is no downtime. The biggest change comes with the decreasing temperatures in the winter months and the increasing temps when summer returns. Being able to remain active during the winter months means consistent exercise and fitness, without going months at a time without any recreational participation. Year round activity encourages children to participate in a variety of athletic sports. It also allows them to remain in the best possible shape between sports. Installing artificial turf encourages higher levels of activity and may actually draw people outside who would normally remain indoors during the cooler months.

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