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How To Add More Aesthetic Design To Your Artificial Grass Installation


How To Add More Aesthetic Design To Your Artificial Grass Installation http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/how-to-add-more-aesthetic-design-to-your-artificial-grass-installation @heavenlygreensOne of the most unique things about artificial turf is that it can be cut and shaped to accommodate any shape or design. During artificial grass installation, the landscapers can shape, modify and alter existing lawn layouts to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Artificial turf can also be used for other things aside from resurfacing the lawn. It can be effectively used for paths, walkways, recreational areas, pool surrounds and patio surfaces.

Follow the Lines of the Property

One of the ways to make your lawn look more aesthetically pleasing is to follow the lines of the property. During the artificial grass installation, landscapers can cut and shape the turf to fit exactly along the lines of the property. By following the lines of the property and the buildings, things are kept in balance. They look more visually appealing and the property seems to be more spacious. When creating landscaped areas, utilize the space wisely. Create accent areas in places where a large landscaped section would ruin the effect.

Find the Color of Turf That Accentuates the Colors of the Property

Artificial turf comes in several different shades and hues. Look at samples of turf to find out which color will best suit your property and the colors and textures that are already there. If you plan on using more than one texture or color during the artificial grass installation, choose them carefully so they complement one another. Using one color for the lawn and an accent color for pathways, pool surrounds and landscaped areas can add depth and character to a lawn, making it more aesthetically pleasing. Using more than two colors or textures can make a property look cluttered or “busy”. Keep different styles of turf to a minimum to prevent over-doing it.

Include Embellishments That Add Unique Focal Points

If you are redoing your entire lawn, add a few embellishments like a gazebo or a fountain during the artificial grass installation. Putting these things in place during the installation process, makes them appear more natural. It is easier to create a focal point or add a recreational area to a lawn while the area is being prepped for the artificial grass installation. The ground has already been made bare and it has been leveled to avoid dips and valleys. This makes it easier to run plumbing or any wiring that will be needed to support an in ground fountain/pond or lighted gazebo.

Create Landscaped Areas That Enhance the Look of the Home

Artificial turf can only do so much to create an aesthetically appealing pleasing environment. In addition to the turf, you must also have the structure and design to draw the eye to focal points throughout the area. Landscaping can create a peaceful relaxing area or an area that has visual appeal. Small sections of artificial turf can be cut and shaped to be placed under larger pieces of statuary or sculptures. Turf can also be shaped into stepping stones or “pavers” that can lead through a larger area such as a pool surround.

Artificial grass installation is the ideal way to change the look of your lawn. The texture and color the artificial turf you choose can make a huge impact on the visual appeal of your property. Talk to a landscaping expert to find out what they would recommend before making your final choice. In some cases, using two textures or colors will help to bring out the more dramatic effects of the lawn and increase the overall curb appeal from the street. It's important to always take into consideration elements of the property that already exist, as well as any future additions you may want to include later on.

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