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Install Your Artificial Turf Now, Recycle It Later

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Not only is synthetic grass a good choice for home installation because it’s healthier and greener than natural grass, it is a great choice because it is easily recycled.

With Heavenly Greens' top brands, such as FieldTurf, artificial turf installation at your home can help the environment. When it’s long life comes to an end, the turf artificial grass itself can be recycled instead of just thrown away. In fact, it is 100 percent recyclable.

Heavenly Greens FieldTurf artificial lawns can be recycled and used for:

  • school bags,

  • batting cages,

  • barn mats,

  • top dressing for natural grass,

  • lining for highway barrels and backing for road bases,

  • tote bags,

  • t-shirts, etc.

Heavenly Greens is a leading artificial lawn company in recycling synthetic turf. FieldTurf's patented method to recycle makes it easier for you to do your part to help the earth.

Fake grass is the best option to avoid waste. Call Heavenly Greens today to ask about FieldTurf brand artificial turf for your home. 

Call today at 888-254-5503 for a quote on your own lawn, specially designed for your backyard.

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