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Add to Your Property Value - Install Fake Grass, a Synthetic Turf Lawn

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Installing synthetic grass can save the time and energy of maintaining a natural lawn and save on money with equipment and treatments. But did you know artificial turf for homes can also improve property values?

According to GE Finance, 100 to 200 percent of any investment in quality landscaping will go directly toward the value of your home. So why not invest in quality landscaping with an artificial lawn company the San Francisco Bay area trusts? You can trust Heavenly Greens.

Many Californians are turning to Heavenly Greens landscape solutions to add to their curb appeal in the neighborhood. But the more they investigate, the more the benefits are revealed.

Artificial grass installation benefits include saving time and money on maintenance; it’s durable, always accessible, drains easily and is safe and clean.

But, if the idea of moving is ever on the horizon for you and your family, it can also help you make a sale and add to the sale price. The attractive look of synthetic turf can be an added bonus to potential buyers. Several Heavenly Greens customers have reported that their artificial lawn helped tremendously in the sale of their home. Why? Like you, potential buyers are excited by the idea of purchasing a home with a healthy-looking, low maintenance lawn.

The benefits are compelling that synthetic grass installation is the way to go. Call Heavenly Greens today for a quote on fake grass for your home.

Call 866-724-8873 for a quote on raising your home value with an artificial turf lawn, specially designed with your personal consultant.

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Fake Grass, a synthetic turf lawn to improve property value

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