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Synthetic Grass: Soft yet Durable for Your Home Lawn

The warmer seasons are upon us, bringing possibilities of sunny afternoons with your children playing in the backyard and warm nights entertaining your friends with a barbeque. No matter the activity – slip ‘n slides, football, fetch with the dog – you can have a lawn that can withstand, well, just about anything and still be comfortable and inviting.

Heavenly Greens offers synthetic grass installation customized specifically for your home and your family that is using it. This artificial turf is soft, comfortable and plush to the touch. So it’s a soft place to land if your child slips while running and is also a great spot for an afternoon nap or night of stargazing.

Heavenly Greens artificial lawns are still durable, though. Synthetic turf can withstand repeated use without having dead, brown patches. It also has superior drainage capabilities, meaning no wet, weak grass to cause holes or messy, muddy spots, too.

Not only can your home’s lawns be durable and soft, Heavenly Greens also offers synthetic lawn grass that is:

  • Green, natural and healthy-looking.
  • Always accessible.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Installed by professionals.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Don’t delay – call the professionals at Heavenly Greens today for a quote on installing fake lawn grass at your home. That way you can enjoy a soft yet durable lawn. It may be the best of both worlds!

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