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How Does Artificial Turf Keep Your House Clean?

artificial turfThe more commonly known facts that artificial grass requires less maintenance and uses substantially less water are well known. One thing that isn't necessarily thought of is it can help keep the inside of the home cleaner. Artificial turf offers many other benefits to homeowners that aren't as obvious, as a result most people overlook these other benefits. This may not be a concern for some, or could be incredibly important to others, especially if the family has extremely active children or frequently hosts parties or get togethers.

No Mud, No Fuss

With artificial turf, there is less mud and very little risk of standing water. Most of the water drains through the permeable undercoating eliminating the risk of mud and wet grass being tracked through the house. Because the grass isn't mowed, no errant grass blades end up being carried into the home. If a homeowner has pets, making sure the area is adequately cleaned will prevent an unsuspecting child or guest from tracking unpleasant surprises.

No More Grass Stains

Parents with active children dread the summer because kids spend the majority of their time outside. While being outside is beneficial for their health, it can have drastic effects on the clothes they wear. Mud, grime, dirt and probably, the most difficult of all, grass stains are hard to get out and can cause clothes to look dull and dingy. Grass that is carried in on the soles of shoes can also leave grass stains on rugs and carpeting that is almost possible to get out. Artificial turf prevents grass from staining clothes, carpets or any other type of material. Manufactured grass retains its beautiful color without:

  • Fading
  • Wearing thin
  • Turning colors
  • Rubbing off and staining other surfaces

Reduces the Level of Pollen Near the Home

One benefit that is particularly beneficial for families that have children with allergies is artificial turf dramatically reduces the amount of pollen in the air surrounding the home. Plants reproduce and spread through the distribution of pollen. Pollen is carried by bees, animal fur or on the wind to pollinate or fertilize other plants. This is how plants propagate. Plants normally pollinate at night, but during the day, pollen continually circulates in the air, both outside and inside of the home. Because artificial grass does not produce pollen, it can drastically reduce the amount of pollen in the air surrounding a home.

Dust and pollen are the most common forms of allergens known. When weather conditions are dry the dust and pollen produced by the yard can infiltrate the home, making anyone afflicted with seasonal allergies miserable and feeling constantly fatigued due to the sneezing and inability to breathe. Even though they may not physically make your house look dirty, they can have a negative impact on the air quality of your home.

Reduces the Amount of Contaminants Brought Into the Home

Artificial turf requires little in the way of cleaning and no harsh chemicals are needed to fertilize or kill weeds. Insects and birds cannot feed off of the grass so there is little use for strong insecticides. Lawns that have natural grass can lead to contaminants being tracked from the yard and into the home. While artificial turf does contain a variety of compounds and elements that are chemical based, they are non-toxic and will not detrimentally impact the environment. They also will not permeate your home in the air or by being carried in on someone's shoes or skin.

Keeping your home clean is important. From sweeping up dust and debris to controlling your home's indoor air quality, its the little things that prevent the home from becoming infiltrated with contaminants that can spread quickly. In some cases, you may have to sweep or mop your home several times a week just to stay ahead of the game. Changing your lawn from natural grass to artificial turf can help control the problem quickly and efficiently.

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