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See Spot’s Spots: How Artificial Turf Helps Keep Your Dog Clean

artificial turfDogs love to play and, whether they know it or not, they love to get dirty. Part of this comes from the fact that bugs like mosquitoes and flies are often deterred from the smell of good, old-fashioned dirt. Any animal has natural instincts about how to protect itself in the wild, even if it is a domesticated breed. The key to keeping your dog clean is to alter its environment so the dirt and grass are no longer contributing factors

Artificial turf offers a winning solution for everyone involved. For the homeowner, the yard looks beautiful all year long and the animal has no idea that the grass they romp around on isn't the real deal. It limits their exposure to dirt and the grass itself won't get stuck in their coat. Dog owners realize can realize a number of immediate benefits by installing a synthetic lawn.

No More Muddy Paws

When you replace your lawn with artificial turf a number of other problems go away as a result. The first thing you will notice is "no more muddy paws" you know, those paw prints from a wet yard that end up all over your sliding glass door.

No More Urine Marks 

By using an artificial turf product that is specifically enginerred for drainage, pet stains become a thing of the past. When artificial turf is installed, its installed over a layer of base material which is then compacted down before the turf is installed over the top. Typically this base material is 3-4 inches deep. The base becomes the drainage system for all liquids. The turf material is placed over the base rock with another layer of sand and rubber to complete the installation.

No Digging

The mesh and fiber system used to create artificial turf gives the look and feel of natural grass. It is tightly woven so that dogs cannot penetrate its network with their claws. No digging means no holes in the yard, no standing water when it rains, no dirt piles and, best of all, no dirty dog. Your dog can even run around and play outside after a good rain.

Rolling and Playing

Dogs love to roll around on turf because the blades of grass feel good on their skin along with the warmth from the sun. With natural grass, dogs typically will lay on the lawn because it is cooling.

Dogs that have an excessive amount of fur will inevitably pick up grass, leaves and other debris in their coat when they are out playing in the yard. Because an artificial lawn does not have to be mowed or trimmed on a regular basis, there are no glass clippings to get trapped in your pets' fur. In fact, because of the nature of the blades of artificial grass, when an animal rolls, it can actually help to rid them of unwanted hair they shed with the changing of the seasons.

Your dog will still need the occasional bath and trim, however having a lawn made of artificial turf will dramatically reduce the number of “emergency trips” to the bathtub. If you have children, your kids will be able to play without worry of dragging in mud or grass as they go in and out of the house. Artificial turf helps to keep your house and family as clean as possible without worrying about the condition of your lawn.

Artificial Turf

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