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Top 3 Reasons to Install Backyard Putting Greens

describe the imageGolf enthusiasts spend the majority of their

time practicing putting and short strokes. It is the one part of the game that takes the most precision and skill. Installing a backyard putting green at your home has several key benefits that can help you improve your game and save you money in the long run.


Practice Makes Perfect

Having a backyard putting green installed at your home allows you the opportunity to practice every day. Everyone knows the short game is everything and can be hard to master, however giving yourself the ability to practice a few hours every day can dramatically reduce strokes off your game. If you have the extra area, install a large green that can accommodate putts from longer distances. The bigger the area, the more shots you can take from different angles and distances.


If you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, it seems the hardest part to get down are the shorter shots that have to be made while you are under the most pressure. With a large enough green, you can practice long putts that will help you learn better angles and adjust your speed and grip to suit the putt.


Saves Time

Backyard putting greens prevents you from having to drive to the golf course to get your practice time. At golf courses that are extremely busy, you may have to reserve time to practice. If you have your own practice green, you can practice whenever it is convenient and not have to worry about working around other peoples' time. Because there is no drive involved, you can spend more time actually practicing instead of wasting it on the way to and from the course.


All of the time you spend getting ready to go to the golf course can now be converted to practice time. You don't have to worry about changing your clothes or looking your best for you professional friends, when you can practice in your own backyard wearing whatever you want.


Saves Money

Backyard putting greens made from artificial turf can be somewhat expense, but in the long run they are well worth the extra cost. From a financial aspect they offer several benefits including:

  • No practice fees

  • No gas expense to get to and from the golf course

  • No wear and tear on the vehicle

  • No upkeep or maintenance for that particular area of the yard

The money you save on gas going to and from the golf course alone will pay for the cost of the artificial turf you install for your putting green. Add into the mix the cost for practice fees and you will be saving quite a bit of cash by not paying greens fee's just to practice. The money you save can be used for different golf clubs, tournament fees or even something for your home.


Another advantage to having backyard putting greens installed at your home is that if other family members enjoy the sport, you don't have to pay multiple fees for practice sessions or lessons. You can teach them yourself and they can practice whenever they want. You can even have “putt-offs” and combine practice with a little good hearted competition.


Avid golfers know the importance of practice. Being able to practice at your own home offers convenience on several levels, including time and money. Not only does a putting green look nice, it will set your home apart from the rest and can also raise property values and provides a pristine place to practice all year round.

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