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Summer Party Events That Artificial Turf Can Improve


summer parties artificial grassSummer parties are fun and exciting for everyone. One of the biggest problems homeowners' have when planning a party is lawn maintenance. The grass must be properly mowed at the right time so it isn't too high at the time of the party. Ruts and mounds need to be smoothed out and the ground made as level as possible to accommodate chairs and tables or games that might be used during the party.


Homeowners who like to entertain on a regular base may choose to consider installing artificial turf to replace the natural grass that is already in place. Two of the main benefits of synthetic turf are the fact that it is evergreen all year round and requires very little, if any, regular maintenance. The artificial grass will stay green all year long it will not have to be mowed, trimmed, watered or fertilized.




Family BBQ's are a great way to stay in contact with family. Many family groups choose two or three weekends a year for family gatherings. While the parties are held on the same weekend each year, the weather can be dramatically different causing grass to be dry brittle or, in cases where a large amount of rain has fallen, soggy and muddy - another benefit of artificial turf is that it prevents mud from being tracked all over the yard, patio, deck and into the house. No matter what time of year the BBQ is held, the grass will be green and lush giving the impression that the homeowner spent several hours mowing and preparing the yard for the party.




Artificial turf will not wear away or allow for high traffic areas to become footpaths. This makes it ideal for games and backyard sporting activities such as:

  • Twister

  • Hopscotch

  • Croquet

  • Soccer

  • Field hockey

  • Football

  • Baseball

  • Volleyball


Formal Parties


Formal parties are another event that can be dramatically improved through the installation and use of artificial turf. Whether the party is for someone's retirement or a wedding and reception, synthetic grass takes the guesswork out of the lawn maintenance.


When synthetic grass is used, there is no mowing, watering, weeding, fertilizing or preparing. Other than picking up a few twigs and pieces of debris, the lawn is ready for the party at close to a moment's notice. When synthetic grass is in place, the lawn has been smoothed out and bumps and holes have been leveled. This makes it an ideal environment for tables and chairs as well as lawn ornaments. People can walk over the lawn without having to worry about stepping into a hole or tripping over a mound of dirt or large clump of grass. 

Installing artificial grass is an excellent choice for homeowners under any circumstance. For those who throw summer parties or gatherings throughout the year, it provides a solid foundation that requires very little maintenance and remains beautiful all year long. Even in the dead of winter, artificial lawns are green and lush. They do not hold moisture and water will not pool in low areas. The most a homeowner will have to do is spray some water over the synthetic grass to knock down some dust and pick up a few twigs or sticks that may have blown into the yard from neighboring trees. The end result is a beautiful setting for almost any type of summer party or event.

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Photo Credit: @pauldcocker via Flickr

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