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How Artificial Turf Can Improve Your Pool Experience

Artificial TurfHomeowners who have an above ground or in ground pool want to be able to have fun without a lot of worry or stress. Installing artificial turf will help make that possible. Synthetic grass is becoming more popular with homeowners for several reasons.

In addition to these well known perks, synthetic turf offers benefits directly related to swimming pools.


Easier On the Feet 

In the summer heat, stepping out of a cool swimming pool can be torture on the feet. Concrete and brick surfaces can become hot, burning the sensitive soles of a child's feet. Installing artificial turf will retain heat, but even on the hottest of days will not be as warm as sun baked concrete. The soft, grassy texture allows you to go barefoot to and and from the pool, eliminating the need for shoes that must be left poolside to create a tripping hazard.


Less Clean Up

With synthetic turf, there is less clean up in the pool itself. Although some debris is inevitable, less grass and dirt will end up in the water. This means less skimming the surface and vacuuming the floor of the pool to get rid of grass clippings and dirt that is picked up as kids run through the yard. Filters will still need to be emptied each day, but there is much less risk of something getting through and clogging one of the lines. Grass and yard debris that is allowed to accumulate in the pools' filters can make the pump work much harder than it has to. This can lead to costly repairs if allowed to continue over time.

Artificial grass means less dirt to be carried into the pool by wet feet. Even if a patio is swept on a daily basis, dirt and debris will still accumulate. With synthetic grass, there is less likelihood of it being tracked into the pool or the interior of the home. It also eliminates the need for constant sweeping or cleaning of the deck or patio area, giving you more time to enjoy your pool and spend more time with your family.


Improves the Appearance of the Pool Area

Installing artificial turf over sections of a patio that are adjacent to the swimming pool will improve the look of the entire area. There are no grass clippings to be raked or swept and the pool area will clean and well kept. The right balance of turf and concrete can make a patio or deck stand out against the rest of the home. The turf will remain green throughout the year so, even when the pool is closed for the season, the area will still look nice and pristine.


Improve Drainage Problems

With all the cannon balls and belly flops, you can expect a lot of your water to end up in your lawn. Many areas around the pool may have problems draining this water away from your pool. But with artificial turf, you don't have to worry about that anymore! Synthetic turf is designed with drainage capabilities, which will come in handy when trying to keep your yard from becoming a mud puddle. 


Artificial turf takes the work out of having a beautiful yard. Since there is virtually no maintenance and very little time spent in actually caring for the yard, you and your family can enjoy more of your summer in and around the pool. The money saved from not having to mow or trim the lawn can be put toward family safety courses or swimming and diving lessons.

Synthetic grass can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your overall pool experience. Not only does it save time and money, it can give your backyard and deck a very unique look. It can be used to create walkways and stepping stones or it can be used to create flower beds and other decorative additions. The number of ways synthetic turf can be used to beautify your home are endless. If you use your imagination, the sky is the limit.

Artificial Turf

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