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10 Colorful Drought-Resistant Flowering Plants For Your Garden

10 Colorful Drought-Resistant Flowering Plants For Your Garden http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/10-colorful-drought-resistant-flowering-plants-for-your-garden @heavenlygreensCalifornia residents (or anyone who lives in a climate prone to lengthy periods of drought conditions) must choose plants that are tolerant to dryer weather and minimal precipitation. Whether they are planting a garden or designing a landscaped area, they will need to find flowering plants that are well suited for their area and will fit into their plan. There are many flowering plants that thrive in dry climates and would provide an ample amount of color and depth to any garden.

White Sage

White sage grows to almost 6 feet tall, with tall, flowering stalks that have a delicate arch. Flowers are white and extremely popular with bees. The plant tolerates heavier soil well and is extremely hardy. It is used extensively in Native American ceremony and is considered one of the most sacred of ceremonial flowering plants.

Santa Cruz Island Ironwood

Santa Cruz Island Ironwood grows all year long. With fern-like foliage and nice bark, the white clusters of flowers turn to an orange-rust color during the summer. Is becoming increasing rare due to excessive grazing. Will grow well in a grove type setting.

Tidy Tips

Tidy Tips are extremely hardy flowering plants that thrive in drought conditions. The plant has small daisy-like flowers that are yellow and white. The flowers sit atop long, slender stalks and germinate during periods of winter rain. Once growing, Tips do not need additional precipitation to thrive.

Channel Island Bush Poppy

Native to California, the Channel Island Bush Poppy is popular shrub that produces heavy blooms. Bluish-gray foliage is the backdrop for bright, yellow blooms that stand out in contrast. The shrub is becoming increasingly rare and is distributed on a limited basis.

California Mountain Lilac

The California Mountain Lilac is extremely popular because of its beautiful cobalt blue blooms and the fact that it can grow in almost any climate. It is extremely tolerant of different weather conditions and can be relied on to produce an abundance of flowers each season. Grows well when surrounded by pine trees and oaks. It also grows well in heavy soils.

Palmer's Indian Mallow

An extremely hardy shrub, Palmer's Indian Mallow has soft, smooth foliage and an abundance of golden, brightly colored flowers. The flowers bloom throughout the spring and summer and grows well in most soil types. The plant does not like to be over watered and prefers drier soil.

California Yarrow

California Yarrow is an aromatic flowering plant that grows approximately six inches, while the flowering portions of the plant can grow to almost two feet.. It makes an excellent ground cover or can be used for planting meadows. The foliage resembles the leaves of a fern, while the clusters of flowers are flat and wide.

Point Sal Purple Sage

Point Sal Purple Sage is an extremely durable and resilient ground cover. It grows well in areas that are extremely hot and dry. While it can withstand a deep soaking, they do not thrive with excessive watering, especially away from beaches, rivers and lakes. This type of ground cover is offers excellent results when used to control soil erosion. Its colorful flowers also make it an ideal bird habitat.

Canyon Grey California Sagebrush

Extremely dense and compact, Canyon Grey California Sagebrush is both aromatic and very soft. It should be trimmed once a year to prevent excessive growth. This type of sage grows well in clay and other dense soils and can be used effectively for the control of soil erosion. It is also ideal for parkway plantings and small areas where ground cover is needed.


Lupine blooms for long periods of time with minimal watering, sometimes from the earliest stages of fall to the last few days of spring. The plant has light green stalks and leaves with flowers that range in color from light blue to varying shades of lavender. Lupine grows from three to five feet in height.


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