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5 Simple Landscape Solutions For Increased Curb Appeal

5 Simple Landscape Solutions For Increased Curb Appeal http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/5-simple-landscape-solutions-for-increased-curb-appeal @heavenlygreensCurb appeal is important to all homeowners. Whether they are thinking about selling their home or just want to keep their home looking nice and well-maintained, landscaping can increase a home's curb appeal and make it stand out in comparison with other homes in the neighborhood. The way a home looks is a direct reflection on the homeowner and how they are thought of within the community.

Define Borders

Create borders and pathways by using pavers or other decorative landscaping materials. Borders can be created by using any number of materials. Seasoned logs, cement pavers, flowering plants or small shrubs are all acceptable and be quite eye catching if placed appropriately. Depending on the size of the yard, a homeowner can use two or more materials and create an unique, one of a kind look that complements one another and accents unique aspects of the home.

Add Color

If a homeowner wants to make their home stand out compared to other homes in the neighborhood, the best way to catch someone's eye and increase curb appeal is to add color. Flower gardens or landscaped areas that have a brightly colored foliage and flowering plants will make the home “pop” when a person is driving through the area. There are many flowering plant varieties that bloom several times through the spring and summer.

Mulch vs. Stone

Once borders have been defined and the foliage chosen, the next step is to choose the filler. Mulch is nice but tends to break down quickly and may need to be replaced frequently over the years. Although most types of mulch is created using seasoned wood, it still has a tendency to break down over time and lose its curb appeal. Stone is an excellent option that wears well and comes in different sizes ranging from gravel to pea size stones. Both come in different colors and are easy to spread and maintain.

Decorative Elements

Landscaped areas can include almost anything the homeowner desires. Some prefer using only foliage. Decorative grasses, flowering plants, shrubs and low-lying ground cover are subtle yet effective when creating visual appeal. Many homeowners prefer to keep things simple. For those who prefer a more elaborate look, statues, fountains and ponds can create a look of elegance and flair that will stand out from the curb. The more elaborate the decorative elements, the more sophisticated the home will appear. Fountains and ponds require regular care and should be well thought out before including them in any landscaping lay out. Decorative elements not only improve curb appeal, they can also dramatically increase a home's resale value.


Lighting is one of the most effective ways to draw a person's vision to a home, especially after dark. Filters can be placed over lamps that add splashes of color to the area making certain pieces more noticeable than others. Lights can be very subtle, creating a calm ambiance or they can highlight specific pieces, such as statues or decorative plants. When combined with a fountain, lights can be used to accent the sprays or both water and lights can be set to go off according to the rhythm of a specific song or piece of music creating a unique light show that can be attached to a timer.

There are several landscape solutions that are very effective at increasing curb appeal. Homeowners who want to sell their home can also increase their home's overall resale value by creating beautiful landscaped areas that make their home more visually appealing. A home that has pristine landscaped areas are often noticed much quicker than homes that have ordinary borders and pathways.


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