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2018's Best TIps For Backyard Golf Management


2018's Best TIps For Backyard Golf Management  http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/2018s-best-tips-for-backyard-golf-management @heavenlygreensNot so many years ago, the only people who had personalized putting greens on their own property were professional golfers or wealthy individuals who loved the game and just couldn’t get enough of it. With the advent of specialized artificial turf, however, almost anyone with a backyard can now practice their short game at home. 

Why such a dramatic change? 

It all comes down to management

Early home-grown golf set-ups were not only elaborate, they featured real grass, just like a country club course. You had to be wealthy to afford the installation, not to mention the ongoing care. 

With natural grass, golf course management is a constant battle, trying to wrangle an inherently imperfect living surface into consistent perfection. It takes a fleet of equipment, diligent workers, and horrendous gallons of water, not to mention application of a panoply of chemicals, to make the grass grow and pests and disease go away. And keep those blade of grass exactly the right height. 

Brandon Tucker, Managing Editor at Golf Advisor magazine, says that “unless you plan on hiring a reliable maintenance person (and invest in the necessary equipment), there's no way you're going to be able to have the knowledge nor the time to keep up with the demands required to maintain healthy turf. Frankly, an industry-grade greens mower may very well cost you more than an elaborate synthetic turf setup.” 

With artificial turf, none of those challenges come into play

Adding a putting green is a natural extension for home owners who have already made the switch to artificial grass for their lawns. It’s one thing to know the facts about fake grass. But once you can see and feel the benefits up close and in hand, it makes even more sense. Since golf is one of America’s most popular sports, it’s no wonder that backyard putting greens are becoming almost as common as, well, grass. 

You can have whatever you want. Any size, overall configuration and terrain/slope fluctuations, features from bunkers and water features to tee boxes and fringe/apron turf so you can practice your chipping as well as putting. 

Here at Heavenly Greens, we even offer different types of putting turf for different types of golfers. So in addition to all those physical characteristics that make up the lay of the land, you can go with a pro-level turf or a variety that’s a little “friendlier” for casual golfers and families. 

Manage your practice time instead of the grass

  • You don’t have to get in the car and head to your club or favorite public course just to get in some practice. You can step out the back door and spend time putting instead of driving. (Actually, if you install a tee box, you can practice driving, too.)
  • You can practice whenever you want, even if you only have time to get in a few strokes – before or after work, after dinner on a summer evening, or on the weekends.
  • You can teach your kids to love the sport. 

A backyard putting green is a thing of beauty, whether it stands alone or blends seamlessly into the rest of your home’s landscape. Top quality artificial turf designed for putting greens provides the performance and beauty of the real thing, without the hassle. It will last for many years, with little upkeep. An occasional rinse with the hose will remove summer dust. When leaves fall, you can use a rake or power broom to remove the debris.   

With nothing to manage except your practice time, just think how much your golf game can improve!

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