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5 Landscape Solutions For Irregular Yards


5-Landscape-Solutions-Blog.jpgDoes your home have an irregular or oddly-shaped yard? This isn’t unusual, but it can be a puzzler for homeowners who want to create a lovely landscape. Especially when it comes to the lawn. While it might be tempting to carve off the edges of your grass to create an easy-to-mow rectangle, your yard will lose its special character.


Who really wants a perfect rectangle anyway? Mother Nature never creates such boring shapes. You want a yard that looks homey and inviting, not one that looks like an athletic field. So go with the flow, as they say. Here are 5 landscape solutions you can use to transform your irregular lawn into the envy of the neighborhood.


1. Embrace the curve

Curves have natural appeal. If your lawn has a distinct curve, embrace it and use it to set the pattern for your landscape design. Curved borders invite the eye to literally look around your yard. You can use pavers and pathways to lead the eye, and shape your lawn with curves that soften odd angles in an irregularly-shaped yard. A curved pathway can even make your lawn seem larger than it is.


2. Accentuate the angle

Is your lawn long and narrow? Flank it with tiered landscaping or trellises with vines or hanging baskets to draw the eye upward. Is your lawn triangular (common with corner properties)? Use that to your advantage by placing a fountain, lawn art, or small ornamental tree in the farthest corner. Then add paths and plantings that draw the eye to that focal point as well as toward the other corners.   


3. Create a meadow

If your lawn has such an unusual shape you can’t easily choose a focal point, hide its irregularities instead by surrounding it (at least in part) with a meadow. Meadow flowers add varied height, not to mention a rainbow of colors and, often, fragrances as well. They also attract butterflies and birds to your yard.


4. Incorporate sculptures or other ornaments

By incorporating different elements, you can landscape the entire area with a variety of visuals that still create a unified design. Large sculptures provide a bold visual that distracts from an odd-shaped area. Small sculptures can lead the eye in a different direction, or create visual surprises. A trellis can add definition or create a screen.


5. Add a water feature

Adding a fountain or small pond to your yard may seem crazy when we’ve become so water-conscious. But recirculating fountains conserve water, and ponds give birds and butterflies a vital source of water. A few koi or other fish will add color and movement and prevent insects from breeding in the water.


A water feature can create a focal point that draws the eye away toward a particular part of your yard. It can also balance your lawn to give your space greater symmetry. And the sound of gently moving water is so soothing — perfect for a contemplative sitting space nearby.


Bonus tip

If you’re reluctant to embrace your lawn’s odd shape because mowing will be a hassle, why not switch to artificial grass instead? You can design a faux lawn with any undulation, curved or angled edges you like, without sacrificing your creative ideas to ease of maintenance. With artificial turf, it simply doesn’t matter. You can create exactly the yard you want, one that complements your home and adds a peaceful element to your environment.

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